How to Defeat Bandits in Manor Lords

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How to Defeat Bandits in Manor Lords

Bandits can be a pesky nuisance to overcome in Manor Lords, especially since they can keep respawning almost endlessly. Here’s how to deal with them.

Manor Lords is a strategic city-builder game where you take on the role of a medieval lord.  And as a lord, you have to establish your own town from the ground up and cater to your community by fulfilling the requirements of your people. Though combat is not the main objective of the game, you will still need to fight to some extent in order to safeguard your village and its residents.  

With every respective citizen you welcome in your village, a bandit out there will be ready to steal your village's resources. So, this guide will provide you with a definitive strategy on how to defeat bandits in Manor Lords and clear them from the map.

Why is It Important to Defeat Bandits in Manor Lords?

In order to safeguard your people, it is your obligation as the leader to be aware of how to prevent any potential danger. That is why it's recommended to defeat bandits as soon as you get notified about them. Though they do not pose that much of a threat, they will steal your resources if you fail to defeat them. This will result in a scarcity of resources for your citizens. Defeating them will not only save your resources but will also provide you with Influence and monetary reward in Manor Lords. 

How to Defeat Bandits in Manor Lords?

How to Defeat Bandits in Manor Lords

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Here are the steps that you will need to follow to defeat bandits in Manor Lords:

Build a Militia

The first step is heading to the Army tab at the bottom of the screen. But that itself wouldn't allow you to assign troops or as many troops as you want. The number of troops depends on the number of weapons available, which you will have to craft. 

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Then to assign troops, you need to build new weapons and armor for your army. This can be done by mining iron ore and turning it into bars. Once this is done, you can send it over to a Blacksmith to make gear for your troops. You can also send them to an Armorer if you have the development point unlocked. 

Once the necessary items for the troops are gathered, they can be rallied. Do this by clicking on the troops and then clicking the little flag above the icon. This is the rally action, which lets you set a gathering point. Once rallied, just right-click on where you want to lead them. 

But keep in mind that male villagers who already exist are militia members. Therefore, be sure that you treat the militia in such a way that prevents it from putting the village's entire male population at risk. That is because they are going to gather at the rally point and stop pursuing other jobs when called upon. 

Take the Bandits Down by Establishing Your Army

Bandits reside at their camp until your army approaches them. Fortunately, a bandit camp often has just one attacking group, which makes it easier to defeat them with the army you start the game with. 

They will usually regroup towards the battlefield in retaliation once your army makes its way into their territory. You can take over the bandit camp once you've successfully conquered them. This should be done as soon as possible otherwise they will spawn and become hellbent on stealing your resources. 

Recruit Retinue by Building and Upgrading Your Manor

An upgraded version of soldiers is Retinues. They are stronger and have better equipment than the armies in Manor Lords. It is important to recruit them since it's the only unit that can equip Plate Armour. 

To recruit Retinues, construct a Manor. You will be provided with your first team of five troops from a tiny Retinue when the construction of your Manor has been completed. You can add additional troops at 50 Treasury for each soldier, up to 12, thanks to these initial 5 soldiers. 

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You can eventually build Garrison Towers to increase the Retinue limit. A Garrison Tower helps you recruit as many skilled warriors as possible. Another trick is to combine them with Archers to create an army that is surrounded by ranged attacks and possesses an incredible defense.

How to Conquer Bandit Camps?

How to Defeat Bandits in Manor Lords

Credit: TheGamer

To conquer the bandits, you need to defeat them first as described above. After you are done defeating them, click on the bandit camp with your army selected to conquer it.

After that, you will be rewarded with your prize money. You can then choose to keep the money either at your closest region's wealth or your treasury, depending on your preference. 

Lastly, to find the location of the bandit camp, click on a bandit notification pop-up at the top of the screen. You can also zoom out to the full map and click on the tent icon in case you don't find any bandit notifications. 

How to Reduce the Number of Bandits?

Did you know that you can reduce the number of bandits that spawn? You can do it by lowering the amount of initial bandit camps and the random bandit camp spawn limit during Game Setup. These two settings can be lowered down to None and 0 respectively, where bandits will never spawn.

With so many aspects to keep an eye on, it can be quite overwhelming to take the right action in times of conflict. Luckily, this guide on how to defeat bandits in Manor Lords should help reduce that stress by giving you a sure-fire strategy for eliminating them. And even if you do end up losing the battle, don’t worry as it won't set your village back too far. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy building your very own medieval town.

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How to Defeat Bandits in Manor Lords
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