How to Play the Fortnite Fracture Event – Climactic Chapter 3 Finale

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How to Play the Fortnite Fracture Event – Climactic Chapter 3 Finale

This is how you can make sure you get into the Fortnite Fractur event, the ending that moves between Chapter 3 and 4!

Fortnite Chapter 3 is coming to an end after just 4 Chapters. Just because we’ve had a shorter Chapter, though, it doesn’t mean we’re not getting a big event. The Fortnite Fracture event will be seeing Chapter 3 off. This is going to be a blowout to move on to a brand-new map and a new batch of content for the game.

Epic has been teasing players with little hints at what we can expect with the Fracture event. It’ll likely involve the island’s Chrome kicking things off. This is an end of Chapter event. We can expect something huge. The last end-of-season event saw the Rock star in a story segment in Fortnite.

This is a one-time event where you can see the plot of Fortnite develop. These end-of-season events usually move things on, but often provide a lot of fun. Players have seen a mech-monster fight, piloted Battle Buses in a recreation of Star Wars’ Trench Run, and more. We don’t know what Epic has coming for this event, but it promises to be a big one.

If you’re looking to play the Fortnite Fracture event, there is an appointment you’ll have to make. This is how you can make sure you’re getting in and can see the event. 


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Fortnite Fracture

The Fortnite Fracture event is going to be concluding the latest season and the overall Chapter. We can expect something bigger than a standard event. Fortnite Fracture is a one-time-only thing, though. Players will have to make they’re in the game on time to ensure that they’re able to experience it.

It’s going to be taking place on Saturday, December 3 2022. The time for the event is 4 PM ET. This is how this breaks down across time zones:

  • 3 PM CST
  • 4 PM ET
  • 9 PM GMT
  • 10 PM CET

The Fortnite Fracture event will be starting at this time. However, it’s recommended to jump in a little earlier.

How to Get into the Fortnite Fracture Event

The Fortnite Fracture event is a big end of Chapter blowout. We could see Fortnite destroy its current island and the world overall. This is going to be a popular event. While Epic has plenty of space, not everyone is likely going to be able to join in. Often, the servers get full and players aren’t able to get into the event if they show up on time.

It’s best to log in about 30 minutes before the event actually starts. Here, you can queue up and get into a lobby. Once the actual event starts, you’ll have your spot for the big finale all lined up. Players won’t have any problems getting into the Fortnite Fracture event, provided they show up early enough.

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How Long Will the Fortnite Fracture Event Last?

The run time of events can be pretty up and down. Some have been quick and others have been longer. We do have a decent idea of how long this one is going to be tough. The Fortnite Fracture event will be running for roughly 40 minutes.

This means that players are going to get a pretty decent ride out of the tournament.

How to Get the Free Emote

Fortnite Fracture Event

For showing up to the Fortnite Fracture event, every player is going to receive a prize. A rare free cosmetic! Players who log in around the time of the event are going to be awarded the Toasty Roast Emote.

What to Expect at the Fortnite Fracture Event

The Fracture event is going to end the entire chapter so that players can expect quite a show. In the past, we’ve seen the entire world flipped upside down. For once, Epic has managed to keep a lot of the upcoming content from leaking lately. Although, we do have some Fortnite Chapter 4 leaks. We mainly know that the Chrome is going to factor into the Fortnite Fracture event.

This looks set to be one of the most exciting Fortnite events yet. Make sure you’re getting there on time to enjoy the entire Fortnite Fracture event. This is our last pop at Chapter 3, so make it count and see this map out in style.

How to Play the Fortnite Fracture Event – Climactic Chapter 3 Finale
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