How to Improve Your Manor Lords Village: Top Tips

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How to Improve Your Manor Lords Village: Top Tips

Discover how to improve your village in Manor Lords with the best building and management tips

Manor Lords gives us a break from the hustle and bustle of the modern world to the good old mediaval days. When life was less chaotic and peaceful, umm well, maybe not! Winters were scary, wars were more common, and diseases were aplenty! Manor Lords is a city builder that comes with real time strategy elements and challenges players to transform a humble village into a thriving, fortified medieval hub and overcome all the aforementioned adversities. How do you that? How can you improve your Manor Lords village? How does the perfect village in Manor Lords look like? Here are some tips that could help you out.

How to Improve Manor Lords Village: Best Tips

Figuring out the ideal Manor Lords village setup can be quite a headache. Taking the following steps, however, could prove to be very useful:

Efficient Housing

How to Improve Your Manor Lords Village: Top Tips

Credit: Slavic Magic

Accomodating a growing population is one of the primary problems you will have to deal with. When your Manor Lords village population is booming, you need to be a bit more creative with the available plots and space. Here's a clever trick to squeeze three families into a space typically meant for two:

  • Instead of building the standard square house, draw a slightly angled rectangle for your plot.
  • As you angle the rectangle, watch for a bonus “plus symbol” house icon to appear next to the main house. This indicates you've created space for an additional family.
  • Once you've constructed these angled houses, you can unlock the “Expand Living Space” upgrade. This allows two families to comfortably share a single plot, effectively tripling your housing capacity in that space.

Our housing efficiency trick doesn't stop at three families! Here's how to leverage the angled rectangle concept for even more benefit:

  • Instead of a small rectangle, use a larger one with a clear open area behind it.
  • As you adjust the rectangle size and angle, watch for little hammer symbols appearing behind the houses. This extra area is a backyard space that comes with no HOA limitations.
  • With this setup, you get double the housing and a spacious backyard perfect for boosting your food production. Plant vegetables, raise chickens, or graze cattle – the choice is yours!
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Use Animal Migration To Your Advantage

Maximizing hunting opportunities by strategically placing construction in wild animal migration zones can be advantageous. By understanding their movement patterns, you can position infrastructure to influence their migration routes, directing them towards areas near your town. This will provide ample hunting opportunities. That said, you need to make sure that you maintain a sufficient population of animals to support natural reproduction and population growth. By doing so, you would be able to establish a sustainable source of food.

Relocate Buildings for Restructuring the Village Layout

How to Improve Your Manor Lords Village: Top Tips

Credit: Slavic Magic

You can redesign your Manor Lord village on the fly with relocatable buildings. Look for the arrow symbol in building menus to identify those you can freely move. Relocating a building does require villagers to rebuild it, so plan your moves strategically. Don't forget, you can also reorganize market stalls for a more customized marketplace. This flexibility ensures all your houses are within reach of market benefits, keeping your villagers happy and thriving. Toggle over the resources provided by your market to see which households are benefiting from it. You would want all the houses to fall within the green zone.

Earn Taxes By Building a Manor

Reaching Medium Village status in Manor Lords unlocks a significant milestone: the ability to build a Manor and collect taxes. This majestic structure not only bolsters your prestige but also provides a steady stream of income.

To unlock the Manor, you'll need to achieve two key goals:

  • Owning at least ten plots of land.
  • Construct a Church within your village.

Finding the ideal spot for your Manor is crucial. While a central location might be tempting, remember:

  • Avoid placing your Manor on fertile land. This valuable resource is essential for your village's growth.
  • The manor often serves as the foundation of your castle, so make sure to maintain enough space around it to accommodate future infrastructure.

Once your Manor is built, you'll gain the power to set land taxes. However, wielding this power requires a careful touch:

  • Don't overtax your citizens! Excessively high taxes can lead to them abandoning your village.
  • Allocate some surplus food to the church. This act of goodwill increases your influence resource, granting you valuable benefits.

Build a Trading Post

Building a Trading Post unlocks a powerful money-making strategy in Manor Lords. Here's how to get started:

  • Head to the trade tab and scout for resources you have in abundance. Maybe you've been churning out roof tiles like nobody's business!
  • Select your chosen resource and designate it as an export. This lets you sell your excess to eager buyers in other regions.
  • Look for the horse and carriage button on the far right of the screen. Clicking this opens a trade route, allowing the trader to transport your goods and bring back profits.
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With a functioning trade route, your trusty trader will haul those extra roof tiles (or whatever you're exporting) and return with a pile of cash. This is a fantastic way to boost your early-game economy and keep the prosperity flowing!

Hire Mercenaries

How to Improve Your Manor Lords Village: Top Tips

Credit: Slavic Magic

The early days of a Manor Lords village can be tough, especially when it comes to building a strong defense. Here's where mercenaries come in handy!

Located in the “Army” tab, the “Create New Units” option allows you to hire mercenaries. These seasoned fighters provide a fast way to bolster your forces, perfect for:

Bandit raids got you worried? Mercenaries can help you deal with short-term threats.

Need an immediate boost to your army? Hire mercenaries to quickly fill the gaps in your defenses.

Remember, these warriors are professionals, and their services come at a cost. Here's the key thing to remember:

  • Hiring mercenaries taps into your personal treasury, not your regional wealth.
  • Mercenaries are a great short-term solution, but they'll continue to drain your personal funds as long as they're employed.
  • Disband mercenaries after they've completed their task. This will stop the drain on your personal wealth and allow you to invest those funds elsewhere.

By strategically using mercenaries, you can ensure your village's safety without breaking the bank!

Field Management

You can maximize efficiency during your farm's growing phase. Here's a clever strategy:

When your crops are growing peacefully, your farmers have some downtime. Take advantage of this! Reassign them to other tasks around your village. Need to build more houses or construct a new market? This is the perfect opportunity to leverage your idle workforce.

Keep an eye on the calendar! As fall approaches, it's crucial to reassign your farmers back to the farmhouses. This ensures they're ready to harvest your crops before winter's icy grip sets in.

By strategically managing your farmers during the growing season, you achieve two key benefits:

  • You get more done around the village by utilizing your idle workforce.
  • Timely reassignment to harvest ensures you bring in all your crops before winter, preventing losses.
How to Improve Your Manor Lords Village: Top Tips
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