How To Get Silk in Palia

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How To Get Silk in Palia

If you are not sure how to get silk in Palia, we will show you the process. It’s not as difficult as you may think.

Palia is one of the games that will be extremely popular in 2024 and for a good reason. After we’ve seen how to make money in Palia, we’d like to share more about Silk. This is one of the more expensive resources in Palia, and you will need it to craft different items.

Learning how to get silk in Palia is key because this is an item you can sell for a lot of gold. Moreover, it can be used to make late-game furniture. There are a couple of methods you can use to get Palia Silk, so let’s dive in.

How To Get Silk in Palia?

Getting silk in Palia can be achieved using different tactics, and it depends on how much gold or time you want to spend. Speaking of spending, the easiest and fastest way to get Silk in Palia is to buy it. You can do that from the Tish’s Furtnire Shop, but it costs around 580 gold, so you need to have a lot of resources. 

If you do not want to spend gold, you can get Palia silk by using Silk Thread and Loom. The latter can be purchased for around 1500 gold, and you can insert the Silk Thread to create the sought-after item. 

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Should you choose this route, you need to have at least 5x Silk Thread to get Silk. Moreover, there is a 10-minute crafting time. If you decide to get the Silk Thread, you can harvest it using Epic and Rare Bugs. Of course, this is not easy, which is why we have a guide on how to catch Duskwing Butterflies, and as you will see, the process has its specifics. 

Lastly, players who want to know how to get Silk in Palia can do that after requesting it from others. Of course, doing this is not a long-term solution because not everyone will be willing to give Silk away.

How To Get Silk in Palia
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