How To Catch Duskwing Butterfly In Palia?

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How To Catch Duskwing Butterfly In Palia?

Catching the Duskwing Butterfly Palia is not as difficult as it sounds. Keep reading to find out how to add this amazing butterfly.

Palia is a game where you will find all sorts of different living creatures and a wide range of activities. Some of the “wildlife” you will come across include bugs, which can be very important when you need to craft items. Moreover, Palia Bugs are also key for completing specific questions.

Of course, not all bugs are the same, and the Duskwing Butterfly Palia is a great example. It is one of the bugs that you can only find in a specific part of the map – in this case, we are talking about Kilim Valley.  Here is what you need to know.

Where can you find the Duskwing Butterfly in Palia?

You can find the Palia Duskwing Butterfly by going to the Dragon Shrine, which is close to the Killim Village. Once you go there, you will see several different beautiful butterflies close to the shrine. 

As mentioned, this butterfly is no ordinary insect, and you have to complete specific steps to catch it (more about it in a bit). Besides that, the bug is important because you will need it for Tamala’s quest. We’ve also realized that you can give it to people like Jel and increase your friendship level. 

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How to catch Duskwing Butterfly Palia?

The most important thing to remember about the Duskwing Butterfly in Palia is that it flies between 3 AM and 6 PM. In other words, you can only catch this bug if you go to the specified location during those hours. Also, considering the importance of the Duskwing Butterfly, it’s also advisable to get as many of them as possible.

So, how do you catch the Duskwing Butterfly Palia? Here is how we’ve done it:

  • First, we went to the Dragon Shrine.
  • Second, we used a Smoke Bomb and threw it at the bug because this “stunned it”. However, our experiments have shown that one smoke bomb may not be enough, so you may need to throw a couple of options.
  • Third, go to the Duskwing Butterfly and catch it.

Considering you need smoke bombs to get the bug, it is not a good idea to do that as soon as you start playing. In fact, recommend getting a Belt so you can put your Smoke Bombs there.

What happens after you catch the Duskwing Butterfly?

If you’ve followed the steps and captured one or more of these beautiful creatures, there are a couple of things you can do. For example, you can give them to the villagers or use them to craft different items, like:

  • Buzzy Jar
  • QualityUp Fertilizer

Alternatively, you can also sell them for around 40 gold. Keep in mind the Duskwing Butterfly is just one of the many creatures in Palia you can interact with. Make sure to follow us for more details about this amazing game.

How To Catch Duskwing Butterfly In Palia?
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