Making Money In Palia – Tips & Tricks To Get More Gold

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Making Money In Palia – Tips & Tricks To Get More Gold

If you want to know how to make money in Palia, you will learn everything you should know. Let’s see what you need to keep in mind.

Palia is one of the hot upcoming titles in 2024 that a lot of people will be interested in. We have already shown you how to catch the Duskwing Butterfly in Palia, as well as a few other specific things, but this article will be slightly different. Having enough money is important, which is why we are about to see how to make money in Palia. 

To make a long story short, one of the easiest ways of making money in Palia is by hunting, fishing and farming. Learning how to do those things properly can give you a solid advantage because you will have a lot of resources. We know that many of you want more in-depth information on making money in Palia, so let’s dive in.


The first thing you can do to make money in Palia is relating to hunting. There are many different creatures you can go for, but judging from our experience and what we know, it’s best to focus on Chapaa and Sernuk. These two might be familiar because a lot of people will be using them early on, but we believe they can work in the later stages of the game.

Although you can kill these creatures using different weapons, we recommend focusing on a Copper Arrow. The Sernuk is the better option out of the two because it allows you to get meat and hide, as well as Antlers. The latter is a random drop that costs a lot of gold, so it’s always good to have it.

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If you want something a little bit more relaxing and want to make money in Palia, you can try fishing. Depending on where you go and how lucky you are, you can get a lot of gold from fishing because some fish can be pretty expensive.

Something important that many people seem to forget is that they can cook the fish and sell it for even more. A lot of Palia players do that when they do not like what they’ve caught or when that fish does not sell for much. 


Making Money In Palia - Tips & Tricks
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Farming is probably one of the best ways to make money in Palia, but it is also the most complicated option. For starters, focusing on a single crop is not a good idea because you won’t be able to make a lot of money. However, if you set up a solid farm and grow different crops, you can definitely make a solid income on Palia.

Something we have read on Reddit is that you need to pay close attention when planting the crops. People who have done this in a specific pattern get a lot more than others because they do not need to water their crops. Some users recommend starting with a Three-Seed collection and visiting them every couple of days to harvest and then re-seed.

Your goal should be a garden that takes care of itself automatically. If you succeed, you will be able to make a lot more money in Palia than others because, unlike hunting and fishing, this will not take much of your time.

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Making money in Palia – Other options

People who want to make money in Palia know everything about fishing, hunting, and farming. However, these are not the only things they can do to maximize their finances. 

We have already mentioned cooking, but it’s something that a lot of people seem to forget. Regardless if you decide to go hunting, fishing or even farming, you can use the things you collect and cook them. Focusing on meals that cost a lot will allow you to get funds.

Going back to our Duskwing Butterfly guide, you can also make money by focusing on different bugs. Some are much harder to catch than others, which means that they cost more gold to get. 

Lastly, we must also mention the collection of random items while moving from one place to another. Some people also focus on mining, foraging, and more. Although they might be time-consuming, they usually provide good results. 

When it comes down to foraging, you can focus on things, such as mushrooms because some of them can be worth north of 90 gold. 

Making Money In Palia – Tips & Tricks To Get More Gold
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