How to Get Free Fortnite Discord Wrap Coruscant’s Wrap

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How to Get Free Fortnite Discord Wrap Coruscant’s Wrap

A free Fortnite Discord wrap is available as part of the Star Wars event! This is how you can grab it.

The latest Fortnite events have a record number of free cosmetics you can grab. In-game there are plenty of smaller items and even an entirely free Fortnite skin! There are plenty of big-ticket items. However, there’s also a free Fortnite Discord wrap available for a limited time that you could easily miss out on.

The Fortnite Coruscant’s Pride Wrap is one of a number of Fortnite Star Wars items here for the Find the Force crossover event. While the others are mainly unlockable through simple quests in-game, this is one of those free cosmetics you can get by doing some tasks outside of the game. To get this free wrap, you’ve got to become a streamer!

Well, you don’t quite have to bother marketing yourself and attempting to build a following, but you’ll need to do a simple broadcast if you want to unlock everything. We’ve only got until May 23rd to get through everything the event has to offer, including the free Fortnite Discord wrap.

Free Fortnite Discord Wrap – How to Get It

Free Fortnite Discord Wrap

The free Fortnite Discord Wrap is being given away during this Star Wars event for anyone who completes some simple quests. These aren’t in-game quests. You don’t need to get hands-on with the Force powers or new content. instead, you’ll need to make use of the messaging app Discord.

Most gamers are likely already familiar with the messaging platform. However, if you’re not Discord is a simple application used to organise channels, it’s particularly popular in gaming with some servers existing for most major games and every area of them. If you don’t already have a Discord account, setting one up is the first step.

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There are two different ways that you can complete the quest. One is a little harder than the other though, or at least it requires an accomplice!

These are the two methods that will get you the wrap for free.

  • Go Live and Screen Share Fortnite through Discord for at least 15 minutes or more. A Discord friend must be viewing your broadcast.
  • Go into the official Fortnite Discord server and complete the tasks in the Find the Force server.

This is how you can do either of these to get your free Fortnite Discord wrap.

Livestream Fortnite on Discord for Free Wrap

Free Fortnite Discord Wrap

Discord live streaming is a feature that’s being pushed pretty heavily by this quest. You’ll have to go through the live streaming process and have at least one person viewing it. This is how you can do it.

  • Open your Direct Messages
  • Start a Private Call with a Friend or enter a Voice Channel
  • Share your Screen – That’s the screen icon with a small arrow on it
  • Select Fortnite

With Fortnite up and running all, you need to do is keep your one viewer there for at least 15 minutes! The simplest way is to make an agreement with a friend. They watch you for 15 then you do the same. You both get your free Fortnite Discord wrap! Alternatively, you can live stream to a whole channel.

Complete the Find the Force Quests to get the Free Fortnite Discord Wrap

To get the free Fortnite Discord wrap, there is an alternative method! If you don’t fancy roping a friend into live stream, then you can head to one of the official Fortnite Discord servers. There are some of these for each of the actual Fortnite servers and loads of unofficial ones. It’s in Epic Games’ official server that you’ll find the right channel though.

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Once joined, sign up for the Find the Force channel. It is a text channel, on the left-hand set. You’ll then need to head through the confirmation step and wait a little while to get approved. Then you’ll be a full server member who can talk in the channel.

After this, a bot will provide some tasks. These will be quests you. Can complete in-game, similar to the weekly and daily quests you’ll already have. Complete two of these and the free Fortnite Discord wrap will unlock.

How to Claim the Free Fortnite Discord Wrap

Since these quests involve platforms outside of Fortnite, there’s going to be an extra step before you can actually get hands-on with the wrap. You’ll need to claim the item in-game too. Once you’ve completed your quest, you should get a pop-up message in Discord. Be careful, for a while after completing the quest, this will often look like the adverts for Nitro they throw up!

Once it pops up, click Redeem. Then Unlock Code. You’ll then be able to log in to your Fortnite Epic account. Once you’ve completed this, you’ll have successfully claimed the free Fortnite Discord wrap.

The new event in Fortnite has more free cosmetics than we’ve seen in quite a while. Even after completing your free Fortnite Discord wrap quest, you’ll have to get through at least a few weeks’ worth of quests if you want to unlock absolutely everything! There is loads to do in Fortnite right now.

How to Get Free Fortnite Discord Wrap Coruscant’s Wrap
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