How AFK Journey Rose to Popularity in Such a Short Time

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How AFK Journey Rose to Popularity in Such a Short Time

AFK Journey came out less than two weeks ago and already seems to be everywhere. How did this game get so popular in such a short time? We will be answering that question in this article.

AFK Journey is an Ethereal Fantasy RPG made by FARLIGHT and Lilith Games. The game became a household name within two weeks of its release. Whether you are on YouTube or Instagram, you are sure to get at least one video dedicated to AFK Journey. It already has more than a million downloads on the Google Play Store and is currently trending as the number 1 free-to-play Role-Play Game.

How did AFK Journey become so popular in such a short time? Is it the way it was advertised or is it because the game is great as a standalone? Let’s find out together.

Marketing for AFK Journey Went HARD

YouTube is FLOODED with advertisements for AFK Journeys. If you are a gamer, (We’d assume you are because you’re reading this) you cannot be safe from advertisements for the game. You’d get ads for AFK Journey before starting a YouTube video, scrolling Instagram, or searching for something in Facebook Marketplace. It is everywhere you go. Not only that but multiple YouTubers who seemingly have nothing to do with a game of this genre have been making sponsored segments dedicated to the game.

 Some YouTubers like WolfeyVGC, a popular Pokemon YouTuber, made a video dedicated completely to AFK Journey. Wolfey remarked that he usually does not do sponsored video game advertisements as before taking up a contract, he warns the company that he’ll be a harsh critic. AFK Journey was so confident that they did not back out from the deal. They were convinced that their game was that good and there would not be any negative feedback from it. Sure enough, Wolfey talked about how much he liked the game despite not playing games of the genre.

AFK Journey also has stunning character trailers. Each trailer is animated so well that they’d give Honkai: Star Rail a run for its money. The visual storytelling through each video is phenomenal and each introduction has something unique to offer. You are instantly invested in playing the character you just saw blitz through an army of enemies. Speaking of playing characters:

The Gameplay of AFK Journey

How AFK Journey Rose to Popularity in Such a Short Time

AFK Journey is an idle game. An idle game is a game where you do not have to constantly play the game to progress in it. That makes it a standout among other games that are primarily played on mobile devices. The gameplay relies on you creating the perfect team and positioning them just right as they take on hordes of enemies. Once you create your team the game becomes mostly hands-off as you can let the game auto-battle and make significant progress.

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Lack of Grinding

One thing AFK Journey does better than other games of the same genre is the lack of crazy grinding. If you play the game regularly (or let it play itself), you’ll easily upgrade your characters through the resources you gather. Not only that but leveling up one character can level up all the characters in your team via resonance Slots.

Your characters in AFK Journey also share resources and upgrades. You do not have to meticulously gear up each character. Due to the being based on types, equipping one character will automatically equip all other characters.

Gacha Done Well

The game also does the gacha aspect really well. Unlike a lot of other gacha games, AFK Journey provides multiple ways for you to get summons/pulls for free. You can get almost 200 summons for free by playing the game regularly. Additionally, you do not even have to be online to gain rewards in the game. They took the term AFK (away from keys) very literally in this game. The game makes sure the free-to-play aspect of the game remains a selling point as you don’t have to spend unholy amounts of money on the game to get good gear in the game. You only spend money if you want to get things faster than usual.

Game Modes

AFK Journey provides a plethora of game modes for players to enjoy. These are:

  • Dream Realm: A Boss Challenge in which you can score high points to win the most rewards.
  • Arena Mode: A PVP game mode where you get rewards just for participating. The mode is a fun way to test your team against other players.
  • Battle Drills: These drills provide you with hordes of enemies to cut through using the perfect team composition.
  • Arcane Labyrinth: Helps you take on different kinds of challenges and are mixed up as you play through.
  • Legend Trials: Climb battle towers as it gets progressively more difficult.

The game modes keep the game fresh and keep you constantly engaged with the game. It is very fun to just delve into the different modes.

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It comes as no surprise that the game got so much traction in such a short time as the game gives you so much to do. Whether it is a tough boss or new players you meet through the game, AFK Journey has something to do at all times.

The World

How AFK Journey Rose to Popularity in Such a Short Time

The World of AFK Journey is very unique. The game has an open world filled with different landscapes and regions to travel in. The art style of the game is stunning and there is not anything that can be compared to it. The game brandishes beautifully animated areas with immense detail put into every corner.

The world is filled with characters and NPCs that you can interact with as you play the game. AFK Journey also has something that one of the most popular RPGs in the world, Pokemon, does not have yet- Voice Acting. Every character has voice lines voiced by some amazing voice actors. Every cutscene in the game features these voice lines and adds to the details of the game.

Voice lines also make the world of AFK Journey feel alive. Your team is constantly quipping with one another making them feel realistic. Characters emote certain events happening in the over world.

Since the game is an open world, you can randomly encounter bosses in the open or run into enemies if you are not careful. AFK Journey provides a large variety of characters that you can take on. Some of the NPC enemies can provide a challenge that many real players cannot provide. Speaking of real players, you can meet other players in the open world as you explore the map. You can interact with them and add them to your guild if you want. You could also challenge them to battles to prove that you are the best team builder in AFK Journey.

AFK Journey rose to popularity not only because of how well it was advertised but the game also features stunning visuals. The game has a lot of content sprinkled throughout for players to enjoy making it engaging. AFK Journey also does not require constant attention which brings in tons of casual players in the game as well. Finally, the game is available on both mobile and PC. The most accessible mediums to play games and therefore amassing a huge audience.

How AFK Journey Rose to Popularity in Such a Short Time
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