AFK Journey Tier List – The Best Team You Can Have

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AFK Journey Tier List – The Best Team You Can Have

This AFK Jourey tier list will show the best teams you can have and believe us, they are good. Here is everything you need to know.

AFK Journey is one of those games that you can have tons of fun playing. However, in order to be effective, you must know what you are doing. This means you have to have the right combo.

Whether you decide to make an AFK Journey reroll or use your given setup, this AFK Journey tier list will show you some of the best teams right now. Let’s begin.

AFK Journey Tier List – Best Teams

When it comes down to the best teams you can get in AFK Journey, it is important to remember that there are tons of different combinations. The game is relatively well-known, so people come up with all sorts of ideas, but here are some of the options that stand out for now.

Our experience so far shows that one of the best teams you can have so far includes one tank, one support, two DPS heroes, and one situational pick. The latter can be replaced with whatever you need, such as another support or a tank. Some people can even get a 3rd DPS, but we don’t think it is worth it because you won’t get that much out of it.
Once you have assembled the setup mentioned earlier, you should be able to overcome pretty much all the challenges ahead of you. Of course, you can always test new combos, but it is imperative to have at least one tank. In fact, you need to have all positions to be effective because we have tried focusing on one role over another, and it’s never a good idea.

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AFK Journey Best Teams Tier List – S-Tier

For the S-tier in this AFK Journey best team tier list, we want to include the following options:

  • DMG – Vala and Cecia
  • Support – Rowan
  • Flex – Lucius
  • Tank – Thoran

We have tried using this setup several times, and the results were always impressive. Thoran is an excellent tank that can fit well into most matchups, whereas Lucious can help him when needed. The latter is known as an “off-tank”, which means he can also soak some damage.

Vela and Cecia are the main DPS in this setup, so they need to do as much damage as possible. As for Rowan, he is the support, so he has a heal, and he can also shield allies. 

AFK Journey Best Team Tier List – A-Tier

The A-Tier combo we want to talk about has some similarities to the first one because we also have Thoran on the list. However, the other heroes include:

  • DMG – Cecia
  • Support – Koko
  • Tank – Thoran
  • Flex – Viperion or Atandra

Cecia has to be around the best DPS in AFK Journey right now, so we definitely recommend using her. We’ve already mentioned everything about Thoran, but so it’s time to move to the healer. Koko is a solid pick that can also do some damage, and she increases people’s attack speed. Furthermore, this hero can provide life leech, making her extremely powerful in many situations.

In terms of the flex role, you can get different options depending on the situation. Atandra and Viperion, for example, seem like solid alternatives for most matchups.

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AFK Journey Best Team Tier List – B-Tier

The combo we believe should be in the AFK Journey B-Tier Tier List is good in some setups but does not have the flexibility of the other options mentioned earlier.+

  • Tank – Grannie Dahnie
  • DMG – Cecia and Bryon
  • Flex – Lyca
  • Support – Hewynn

Even though Grannie Dahnie is not as good as Thoran in the current AFK Journey meta, the tank can do a pretty good job. Byron is a must here because he deals insane damage, and the teams need him to weaken the enemy’s tanks. The same is true for Cecia.

Lyca is known for adding the much-needed AS, whereas the support in the current setup is great for healing.

AFK Journey PVP Combos

There are tons of different combos you can come up with, but we know that PVP in AFK Journey is important for many of you. That’s why we want to show you some of the best PVP combos you can get in this game. We have tried a couple of options and believe these works best:

  • Tank – Thoran
  • DPS – Lyca, Eironn and Silvina
  • Healer – Koko and Reinier
  • Secondary – Hewynn, Shakir, Cecia, Vala, Themesia, Antandra, Viperian

It’s safe to say Thoran is the best tank in AFK Journey right now, so it’s no surprise he is on the list again. Regarding the DPS, Lyca is a pretty good option, in our opinion. The same is true for Silvina.

As for support, Koko and Rowan are pretty good, but you can replace these two with a lot of their options, including Reiner, Hewynn, and more.

AFK Journey Tier List – The Best Team You Can Have
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