Houston Outlaws vs. Atlanta Reign Preview & Results – Overwatch League 2023 Week 3

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Houston Outlaws vs. Atlanta Reign Preview & Results – Overwatch League 2023 Week 3

Houston Outlaws vs. Atlanta Reign is the battle for the top spot in the region.

A great way to close out the day, only one team in the West will be left undefeated after today.

Houston Outlaws

Houston took down another one of the top teams as their very first challenge of the season, but the league has settled into a very different state in the last two weeks. What they're walking into here is a completely different top tier that they have to hold up in. They certainly have to talent to do it, but the question is whether or not they've warmed into this more competitive environment that has built up since week one.



Euiseok “Fearless” Lee

  • Eliminations: 194
  • Deaths: 47
  • Damage: 74,466

Beom-jun “Gargoyle” Lee

  • Eliminations: 14
  • Deaths: 1
  • Damage: 13,403


Se-hyun “Pelican” Oh

  • Eliminations: 214
  • Deaths: 45
  • Damage: 90,478

Jungwoo “Happy” Lee

  • Eliminations: 233
  • Deaths: 15
  • Damage: 74,733
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Jin-seo “Shu” Kim

  • Eliminations: 147
  • Deaths: 56
  • Damage: 46,551
  • Healing: 108,268

Min-ki “Viol2T” Park

  • Eliminations: 129
  • Deaths: 61
  • Damage: 47,499
  • Healing: 80,941

Atlanta Reign

Atlanta have proved, through a bit of doubt, that they are in fact on the top of this league. The question for today's game isn't about whether they're sill in the top tier, its whether or not they're the best team in the entire region, and maybe the world. This is their final test, and knowing that may give them to boost that they need to push their way through this last difficult challenge and take the top spot.



Xander “Hawk” Domecq

  • Eliminations: 240
  • Deaths: 47
  • Damage: 106,125

Min-sung “D0NGHAK” Kim

  • Eliminations: 127
  • Deaths: 18
  • Damage: 39,634


Hak-yong “Stalk3r” Jeong

  • Eliminations: 393
  • Deaths: 74
  • Damage: 149,194

Jae-won “LIP” Lee

  • Eliminations: 362
  • Deaths: 68
  • Damage: 143,964


Joon “Fielder” Kwon

  • Eliminations: 237
  • Deaths: 74
  • Damage: 60,486
  • Healing: 204,163

Hyeon-seok “ChiYo” Han

  • Eliminations: 255
  • Deaths: 74
  • Damage: 73,482
  • Healing: 137,953

Jun “vigilante” Kim

  • No Stats Yet

Houston Outlaws vs. Atlanta Reign Results


Antarctic Peninsula : Houston Outlaws 2-0 Atlanta Reign

Hollywood: Atlanta Reign 2-1 Houston Outlaws

Junkertown: Atlanta Reign 2-1 Houston Outlaws

Esperanca: Atlanta Reign 1-0 Houston Outlaws

Player of the Match


Houston Outlaws vs. Atlanta Reign Preview & Results – Overwatch League 2023 Week 3
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