Houston Outlaws Lose A Little Everywhere Ahead Of Overwatch League 2022

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Houston Outlaws Lose A Little Everywhere Ahead Of Overwatch League 2022

Cutting down the talent in each role.

The Houston Outlaws have announced the retirement of a coach, the retirement of a DPS, the departure of a Tank, and the departure of a Support. Kyle "KSF" Frandanisa, Myung-heum “JJANGU” Cho, Enrique “Joobi” Triana and coach Harsha “Harsha” Bandi have all officially left the team. A single person from each role on the team is now gone, leaving their roster bare without backup. The team currently has just enough to make a team in Overwatch, with a single extra Tank player in Overwatch 2. Head Coach Harsha cited lack of enthusiasm being his reason for retiring in a Tweet.


Joobi and JJANGU have both put out their information to be contacted by teams to arrange possibly being picked up. Both players had above-average showings this year, so it’s likely we’ll see them again. Compared to some other teams, these releases aren’t as major, but just having six players may not be enough for Houston. Off-season pick-ups are still likely in their future. Their solid core is still intact, but another Main Support could do them well, making their former player Seungsoo “Jecse” Lee an interesting prospect, or the new free agents like Won-Sik “Closer” Jung and Sun-jin “SLIME” Kim. It’ll be a small but hopefully star-studded list of signings for the Outlaws this off-season.