House Flipper 2 Update Patch Delivers Massive QoL Changes After Release

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House Flipper 2 Update Patch Delivers Massive QoL Changes After Release

House Flipper 2 has received it’s first update after it’s release a week ago, and the developers have pushed several quality of life changes as revealed in the patch notes.

 House Flipper 2 The Feature Update: Full Notes

The first feature update for the second installment of House Flipper features several quality of life updates. The updates are pretty, yet very effective as revealed by developer Reczberg who posted the official patch notes on the game’s Steam page.

The game has added an Hold / Toggle option inside the Settings > Gameplay Tab. This feature works with:- window cleaning
Added options for inverted X/Y mouse movement settings in the Gameplay Tab. To view the options, head to settings, and from there, locate it from the Gamaplay tab. The game now features WASD tooltips while users paint and clean windows in the house. Optimized window cleaning to work better on low-end GPUs. The game now triggers an autosave upon entering the assembly mechanic.

Upon entering the assembly mechanic, the game now triggers an autosave. Dissapearing assembly elements have also been fixed, as the developers roll out an update to fix the issues encountered during the drilling phase in the assembly mechanic. Property photos are now getting automatically exported along with uploading the property to The popup about not being able to sell your parents' house is now displayed properly. Added support for all keyboard layouts (yikes!). TV Shows now have variety on several properties.

Reflections are more forgiving on the GPU memory and are now well optimized , and won’t take up as much space on the video card memory, a complaint users had since the game’s first release.
Several optimization improvements have been added for various stains. On the other hands, Steam Deck users should now be able to enjoy things easier with the option of Bigger font improvements.

Here’s to handle motion sickness in House Flipper 2, according to the developer team:

  • Turn off AMD’s proprietary upscaling technology – AMD FSR
  • Disable Motion Blur
  • Disabling V-Sync and setting your fps to match your monitor refresh rate.

For fans who wish to keep a track on the game roadmap and what the developer’s have in mind for the next update, as well as other features lined up for future patches, plus for all the list of “known and addressed issues’ with the second installment of House Flipper, fans can go the game’s Page. is just a roadmap tracker like Trello, a page used by many other game developers to track the content and list of bugs and deployed fixes that the team is working on.

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