Honkai Star Rail 1.4 Characters and Light Cones

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Honkai Star Rail 1.4 Characters and Light Cones

Honkai Star Rail 1.4 will be bringing us two new banners, three new characters, the first HSR rerun banner, and even a new Ascension Material.

While the Trailblaze story doesn't seem to be expanding to another planet yet, there is going to be plenty to explore in the 1.4 update.


Honkai Star Rail 1.4 Characters


Honkai Star Rail Jingliu Team Guide | GenshinLab

Jingliu, the former Sword Champion of Luofu and the creator of the legendary tales of the Cloud Knights’ invincibility, now resides in the shadows of obscurity, branded as a traitor of Xianzhou. Once revered as the sword master of Xianzhou’s Luofu and mentor to Jing Yuan, Jingliu succumbed to the insidious influence of Mara, plunging into the abyss of madness until finally facing Jing Yuan in a battle that ended in her defeat. The Honkai Star Rail 1.4 update should give her a much needed in depth story.

Element: IceHonkai Star Rail | All Preservation Characters List - GameWith
Path: DestructionStar Rail - The Destruction Path

Basic ATK

Lucent Moonglow

Basic Attack: Deals Ice damage equal to 50% of Jingliu's attack to a single enemy.


Transcendent Flash

Deals Ice damage equal to 100% of Jingliu's attack to a single enemy and obtains one stack of Syzygy.

Moon on Glacial River

Deals Ice damage equal to 125% of Jingliu's attack to a single enemy, and deals Ice damage equal to 62% of Jingliu's attack to adjacent enemies, consuming one stack of Syzygy. Using this ability does not consume Skill Points.


Florephemeral Dreamflux

Deals Ice damage equal to 180% of Jingliu's attack to a single enemy, and deals Ice damage equal to 90% of Jingliu's attack to any adjacent enemies. Jingliu gains one stack of Syzygy after the attack.


Crescent Transmigration

When Jingliu has two stacks of Syzygy, she enters the Spectral Transmigration state. Her Action Advances by 100%, and her Crit Rate increases by 40%. Jingliu then gains and can only use ‘Moon On Glacial River' as long as she maintains two or more stacks of Syzygy. When Jingliu uses an attack in the Spectral Transmigration state, she consumes HP from all other allies equal to 4% of their respective Max HP, but this cannot reduce allies' HP to lower than one point. Jingliu's attack also increases based on 540% of the total HP consumed from all allies in this instance, capped at 90% of her base attack, until the current attack ends. Syzygy can stack up to three times. When Syzygy stacks become 0, Jingliu exits the Spectral Transmigration state.


Shine of Truth

Creates a dimension around Jingliu that lasts for 20 seconds, freezing all enemies in the dimension. After entering combat with enemies in the dimension, Jingliu immediately regenerates 15 Energy and obtains one stack of Syzygy, with a 100% base chance to Freeze enemy targets for one turn, meaning they can't take action, and receive additional damage equal to 80% of Jingliu's ATK at the start of every turn. Only one dimension created by allies can exist at the same time.


Topaz and Numby

Honkai Star Rail Topaz and Numby Team Guide | GenshinLab

Topaz is the Leader of the Special Debts Picket Team and high-level manager of the Strategic Investment Department under the Interastral Peace Corporation. Topaz’s foundational expertise is “debt retrieval.” Her partner, the Warp Trotter “Numby,” is also capable of keenly perceiving where “riches” are located, ensuring that jobs based in security, debt collection, and actuarial varieties are of no great challenge.

Element: FireHonkai Star Rail Team Comps | Best Team | GenshinLab
Path: NhilityThe Hunt

Basic ATK


Deals 50% of Topaz and Numby's ATK as Fire DMG to a target enemy.


Difficulty Paying?

Causes a single enemy to enter the Proof of Debt state and increases the target's DMG received from follow-up attacks by 25%. Proof of Debt only takes effect on the most recent target it is applied to. At the start of an ally's turn or during allies' action, if there are no enemies with Proof of Debt on the field, Topaz will cause a random enemy to enter Proof of Debt. Numby deals Fire DMG equal to 75% of Topaz's ATK to this target. Using this Skill to deal DMG is considered as launching a follow-up attack.


Turn a Profit!

Numby enters the Windfall Bonanza! state and its DMG multiplier increases by 75% and CRIT DMG increases by 12%. Also, when enemies with Proof of Debt receive attacks from an ally's Basic ATK, Skill, or Ultimate, Numby's action is Advanced Forward by 50%. After Numby uses attacks, exit the Windfall Bonanza! state.


Trotter Market?!

Summons Numby at the start of the battle. Numby has 80 SPD by default. When taking action, Numby launches follow-up attacks on the single enemy target afflicted with Proof of Debt, dealing Fire DMG equal to 75% of Topaz's ATK. When enemies afflicted with Proof of Debt receive an ally's follow-up attacks, Numby's action is Advanced Forward by 50%. The action Advance Forward effect cannot be triggered during Numby's own turn. When Topaz is downed, Numby disappears.


Explicit Subsidy

Summons Numby when Topaz enters the overworld. Numby will automatically search for Basic Treasures and Trotters in a set radius. Using her Technique causes Topaz to regenerate 60 Energy after Numby’s first attack in the next battle. After using her Technique, if Topaz is still in the team when enemies in the overworld are defeated, additionally receive a small amount of credits when obtaining credits. Only 10,000 additional credits can be received every calendar day. After using her Technique and defeating enemies in Simulated Universe, additionally receive a small amount of Cosmic Fragments with a small chance to obtain 1 random Curio.


Honkai Star Rail Guinaifen Team Guide | GenshinLab

By accident, Guinaifen, an outworlder, ended up residing on Xianzhou. Her real name is Guinevere, but her good friend Sushang gave her the name Guinaifen. Now, she is a passionate and vivacious street performer. Faced with a whole new life on Loufu, she relied on her adoration of Xianzhou culture and quickly learned skills such as eating noodles upside down, smashing large stones upon the chest of others, and catching projectiles with her bare hands, among others, to keep herself clothed and fed.

Element: FireHonkai Star Rail Team Comps | Best Team | GenshinLab
Path: NhilityThe Nihility

Basic ATK

Standing Ovation

Deals Fire DMG equal to 50% of Guinaifen’s ATK to a single enemy.


Dracore Libre

Deals Fire DMG equal to 60% of Guinaifen's ATK to a single enemy and deals Fire DMG equal to 20% of Guinaifen's ATK to any adjacent enemies with a 100% base chance to cause the target and adjacent targets to be inflicted with Burn. When afflicted with Burn, enemies will take Fire DoT equal to 83% of Guinaifen's ATK at the beginning of each turn for 2 turn(s).


Watch This Showstopper

Deals Fire DMG equal to 72% of Guinaifen's ATK to all enemies. If the target is inflicted with Burn, then their Burn status immediately deals DMG equal to 72% of the original DMG it would have caused.


PatrAeon Benefits

When Guinaifen is on the field, there is a 100% base chance to inflict Firekiss on the enemy after the Burn suffered by the enemy causes DMG. While inflicted with Firekiss, the enemy receives 4% increased DMG, which lasts for 3 turn(s) and can stack up to 3 time(s).


Skill Showcase

Immediately attacks the enemy. After entering battle, deals DMG for 4 time(s), with each time dealing Fire DMG equal to 50% of Guinaifen’s ATK to a random enemy target and inflicting Firekiss on them.


Light Cones

I Shall Be My Own Sword

I Shall Be My Own Sword l

Path: DestructionStar Rail - The Destruction Path
Effect: Increases the wearer’s CRIT DMG by 20%/23%/26%/29%/32%. When an ally gets attacked or loses HP, the wearer gains 1 stack of Eclipse, up to a max of 3 stack(s).

Each stack of Eclipse will increase the DMG of the wearer’s next attack by 14%/16.5%/19%/21.5%/24%. When 3 stack(s) are maxed out, an additional attack will be delivered that ignores 12%/14%/16%/18%/20% of the enemy’s DEF.

This effect will be dispelled after the wearer delivers their attack.


Worrisome, Blissful

Worrisome Blissful s

Path: HuntThe Hunt
Effect: Increase the wearer’s CRIT Rate by 18%/21%/24%/27%/30% and DMG from follow-up attacks by 30%/35%/40%/45%/50%. After the wearer unleashes a follow-up attack, apply the Tame state to the target, stacking up to 2 stacks.

When allies hit enemy targets under the Tame state, every Tame stack will increase the CRIT DMG received by 12%/14%/16%/18%/20%.

Ascension Material

Searing Steel Blade

Searing Steel Blade | Honkai Star Rail Database - Honey Hunter World

The broken blade of a Searing Prowler. Can be used for the Ascension of Fire-Type characters. It is the only Ascension Material being adding in the Honkai Star Rail 1.4 version.

Searing Steel Blade can be obtained by successfully completing the upcoming Shape of Scorch: Stagnant Shadow.


Aetherium Wars Event Guide | Honkai: Star Rail|Game8
Image Credits: Game8

The most influential online gaming brand in the universe, Aetherium Wars, is holding an offline Interastal Tournament Festical for fans on Jarilo-VI. Compete for the championship with your Arther Spirit companions.

In the Honkai Star Rail 1.4 update's first event the player will be able to field units that are typically overworld enemies to battle sets of other enemy units in a colloseum style battle. Each unit can be upgraded and has types of their own to counter enemy types. It's a heavy advancment from the Honkai Star Rail 1.1 update's first event “Boulder Town Super League” which modeled how future events would function.

Honkai: Star Rail 1.4 Reveals Planar Infinity Event to the Simulated Universe - Game Empress

The new Simulated Universe event is about to begin. Herta and the three other Genius Society members made some “tiny” renovations to the Siumulated Universe, but each of them threw a spanner in the works – the code was all messed up, and the program began to expand endlessly!

Honkai Star Rail 1.4 will give yet another new feature to the Simulated Universe with Planar Infinity. Players will collected Blessings and Curios, some of which are event exclusive, and then take on floors of enemies to collect rewards by making significant progress. Yet another experimental way to play in the Simulated Universe!

Honkai Star Rail 1.4 Characters and Light Cones
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