3 New Characters Teased for Honkai Star Rail 2.1

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3 New Characters Teased for Honkai Star Rail 2.1

Three brand new characters teased for Honkai Star Rail version 2.1 and here’s everything we know about them

With HoyoLab just dropping the trailer for version 2.0, it would seem that they have big plans for the game ahead. And these plans include three brand new characters that they’ve confirmed are coming to patch 2.1. Avid fans of HoyoVerse games will be happy to hear that this game is finally getting its Raiden counterpart! 

That is to say, most of the games that HoyoVerse has made usually has a lightning-wielding character that possesses an immense amount of power, most notably, Raiden Shogun from Genshin Impact.

Honkai Star Rail has lacked such a figure in its roster, and it looks like we won’t have to wait any longer, because the first character to arrive in 2.1 is the Galaxy Ranger Acheron. Let’s have a look, shall we?

Honkai’s Raiden counterpart: Acheron

3 New Characters Teased for Honkai Star Rail 2.1
Source: HoyoLabs

This katana-wielding cyber ranger goes by the name of Acheron, with her actual name not being known by anyone. This in itself strikes curiosity amongst players and she definitely has the mysterious aura around her to validate the curiosity. What IS known is that she will be a Lightning type 5-star Nihility character, much like Kafka.

As intimidating as her sword is, she is apparently never seen to be striking down foes with the katana itself, even though it crackles with sparks of lightning every now and then. Instead, she uses the scabbard to attack enemies. As weird as that might sound, we’ll need to wait and see her in action to see just how good she is with that sword.

Acheron will be voiced by Sawashiro Miyuki in the Japanese dub. And in the English dubbing of Honkai Star Rail, she will be voiced by Allegra Clark, with Genshin fans recognizing her as the voice of Beidou. The Apex community will also be hearing a familiar voice, as Allegra Clark is the same person that voices the fierce iconoclastic hunter Bloodhound.


3 New Characters Teased for Honkai Star Rail 2.1
Source: HoyoLab

If you thought his name was Adventuring at first, you’re not the only one. Regardless, this character looks like he’s down for an adventure at any time, given his audacious demeanor. Aventurine is apparently a senior manager in the IPC (Interastral Peace Corporation) Strategic Investment Department and will be playable as an Imaginary 5-star Preservation character. Gepard is finally going to have some competition!

Aventurine is said to view life as a high-stakes high return investment perspective, and loves taking risks to bask in all the rewards that come with them, which is to say, it’s natural that he likes to gamble as well.

Aventurine will be voiced by Kawarishi Kengo in the Japanese dub and Camden Sutkowski in the English dub.


3 New Characters Teased for Honkai Star Rail 2.1
Source: HoyoLab

The last character on our list is a security officer for the Bloodhound Family at Penacony, and as far as we know, he is not related to the Gallagher brothers of popular british band Oasis. Not to mention, he is also a mixologist but is rather lazy when it comes to the actual process itself. Regardless, he is still good-mannered and will treat every guest at Penacony with respect and courtesy. He is the only 4-star character on the list and will be a Fire typed Abundance character.

Gallagher will be voiced by Erik Braa in the English Dub, an individual that is not new in the gaming industry as Erik previously worked in League of Legends as the voice of Jax. On the other hand, he will be voiced by Satoshi Mikami in the Japanese dub, a person who has previously worked for Marvel as the Japanese voice of Benedict Cumberbatch in Doctor Strange and Avengers.

And that concludes everything we know about the three latest characters that Honkai has dropped, coming very soon in patch 2.1. We can’t wait to see these characters in action and how they’ll play in the various team compositions of Honkai Star Rail.

3 New Characters Teased for Honkai Star Rail 2.1
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