Genshin Impact Version 4.4 Special Program Summary

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Genshin Impact Version 4.4 Special Program Summary

Check out the Version 4.4 Special Program Summary to stay updated on Genshin Impact

Before the release of every new version of Genshin Impact, there is a special program discussing all the brand new exciting content. The upcoming version 4.4 is not any ordinary update, it is the version of Lantern Rite 2024! An exciting time for everyone who has grown to love Tevyat and its festivals.

The upcoming version will bring a lot of fresh content and especially exciting brand new characters and banners of returning characters who dominate the meta. This article will summarize all the announcements made in the special program so that you can brace yourself for the thrilling new content!

Version 4.4 Special Program Summary

The following content has been announced in the Version 4.4 Special Program, hosted by the makers of the game.

Redemption Codes

Redeem these codes within 2024/01/20 11:00 PM (UTC-5) to get rewards:


Redeeming all three codes will grant you 300 Primogems, 10 Mystic Enhancement Ores, 50,000 Mora and 5 Hero's Wit.

New Characters

Gaming is a Wushou dancer, hailing from Litye. He wields a claymore and has a Pyro vision. He is a 4-star unit.

Cloud Retainer, now known as Xianyun, is finally being released in her human form. She channels the power of Anemo and uses a Catalyst. She is a limited 5-star character.

Genshin Impact Version 4.4 Special Program Summary
Credit: Version 4.4 Special Program

New Weapons

Crane’s Echoing Call is the signature weapon for Xianyun. The catalyst will be available as an event-exclusive 5-star in the Weapon banner when Xianyun’s character banner will be running. The stats and passive are yet to be disclosed.

Event Wish Banners

The first phase of Banners will feature Xianyun and the Dendro Archon, Nahida. Gaming will be one of the featured 4-star units in this banner.

The Best Dave the Diver Staff – Top 8 Staff

The second phase of banners will be the Vigilant Yaksha, Xiao along with Yae Miko, the head of Grand Narukami Shrine.

New Areas

Chenyu Vale is the new area to be released in Version 4.3. The landscape of the new area is breathtaking with massive mountains and no lack of water. The area will connect Fontaine and Liyue, containing an abundance of treasures for adventurers.

New Enemies

Solitary Suanni is the newest boss enemy in the Chenyu Vale. The beast hides amidst fog and is ready to attack anyone trespassing on its land. Most probably, the boss drops for this enemy will be the material used for Xianyun.

New Quests

Players will be able to play the Story Quest of Xianyun. There may be new World Quests in the new area of Chenyu Vale, yet that has not been mentioned in the livestream.

New Events

Lantern Rite Festival will have a ton of activity, consisting of fun mini-games to keep you entertained throughout the festival! Just like previous Lantern Rite Festivals, you will be able to choose one 4-star from Liyue to obtain for free. May fortune find you will also grant a total of 10 Intertwined Fates after 10 days of logging in and claiming the rewards in a specific duration.

Genshin Impact Version 4.4 Special Program Summary
Credit: Version 4.4 Special Program

Other events include:

  • Receiver of Friends From Afar
  • Journey Through Hilinigmatic Terrain
  • Triumphant Frenzy
  • Overflowing Mastery

New Skins

Ganyu and Shenhe will both be getting very elegant 4-star outfits for the festival. Taking part in the Lantern Rite festival will also grant the players a free 4-star skin for Xingqiu, who looks very distinguished in his new look.

New TCG Cards

The Forge Realm’s Temper will be available again. The new cards to be added are: Sayu, Thoma, Cryo Hypostasis and Millennial Pearl Seahorse.

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System & Function Updates

From Version 4.4 onwards, travelers will be able to ‘fast equip’ artifact sets on their characters. One is the Quick Loadout which assembles a set of artifacts (as recommended by the mass database of players) and another is the Custom Loadout where you can select stats and set type. Based on that, artifacts will be chosen for you. Players have already begun criticizing this system as they wanted more freedom to specifically choose certain artifact pieces and create their own set for quick loadout whenever they want later.

Even though a small percentage of players actually use the Serenitea Pot, there have been optimizations for the system! Furnishings are now conveniently categorized, and the inventory section benefits from optimized search and filter functions. Placing furnishings is made more efficient with the editing screen list retaining its position when switching between categories. The Companion List now displays Friendship Levels, facilitating easier virtual home management.

There are other system optimizations. After you have claimed daily rewards from adventure encounters, the red dot will stay on until you claim the final rewards from Katheryn, so that you don’t forget! The limit for the number of party set-up configurations has been increased to 15. The Test Run Challenges system will now allow transitions between Character Trial Stages. PC travelers will be able to stack other windows above the game while in fullscreen view, thanks to the new Borderless mode function. Lastly, there will be enhanced model precision in real-time across multiple platforms.

Genshin Impact 4.4 is set to deliver an epic gaming experience very soon on January 31st, and the anticipation is building. Let the excitement unfold in Teyvat! For more news on Genshin Impact, keep an eye on ESTNN!

Genshin Impact Version 4.4 Special Program Summary
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