Honkai: Star Rail Jing Yuan Banner, Characters, and Light Cones

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Honkai: Star Rail Jing Yuan Banner, Characters, and Light Cones

The Jing Yuan Banner releases for Honkai Star Rail on May 17th at 6PM server time.

The second phase of 1.0 features General Jing Yuan of the Xianzhou Luofo.

Swirl of Heavenly Spear

Jing Yuan 1

This upcoming event warp will feature the 5-star Jing Yuan (Erudition: Lightning) as the increased drop-rate 5-star. Alongside him as the increased drop rate 4-stars with be Sushang (Hunt: Physical), March 7th (Preservation: Ice), and Tingyun (Harmony: Lightning). This leaves a prety open landscape of ways to fill out teams for material collection, story missions, and especially the diverse world of the Simulated Universe. While all players will have the chance to receive March 7th Eidolons, many players will have their best chance at getting Tingyun or Sushang for the first time.

For those that have pulled Seele from her expiring banner can cover a few areas with their pulls from Swirl of Heavenly Spear. With Sushang pulls, the Hunt slot on the team becomes more diversified, and coverage of weakness breaks grows. With Tingyun pulls, the attack of Seele, the strongest attacker in the game, can be boosted. Then of course with Jing Yuan pulls, the team will be covered with the best single-attacker and best multi-attacker in the game so far.

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Brilliant Fixation

Before Dawn

The Brilliant Fixation event will feature Before Dawn (Erudition) which increases Critical Damage as well as Skill and Ultimate Damage. It also increases the Damage of follow-up attacks. The 4-star Light Cones with increased drop rates in this Event Warp are Planetary Rendezvous (Harmony), Only Silence Remains (Hunt), and Day One of My New Life (Preservation). These Light Cones obviously have the same class as the featured characters, as will likely be with most, if not all Event Warps.

Pulling the Before Dawn Light cone and attaching it to your new Jing Yuan will probably create the most devastating Erudition character yet. Don't worry though! If you want to pull Light Cones first, Serval is a great substitute character to hold the Before Dawn Light Cone. As an Erudition Lightning character, she serves the same purpose as Jing Yuan with higher Speed, but slightly lower Damage and survivability.

Honkai: Star Rail Jing Yuan Banner, Characters, and Light Cones
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