Here’s How to Increase Population in Manor Lords

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Here’s How to Increase Population in Manor Lords

A thriving population is a core progression system in Manor Lords. So, here’s how you can increase population.

In the strategy-based city-builder game Manor Lords, you're tasked with taking on the identity of a medieval lord from the fourteenth century. Here you will be constructing a new city by setting up the necessary infrastructure for a rural village that will continue to grow as per your progression. This genre of games typically has a similar pattern. Starting with only a handful of resources and the barest essentials, you gradually expand as the village's population increases and everyone pitches in to improve it as a whole.

A good population of a city is an essential component. The population grows, leading to the construction of new homes, the emergence of new industries, the expansion of farms, and the cooperative defeat of bandits. In summary, an expansive population is mandatory for maintaining the smooth running of the Manor Lords village. So, this article will guide you through on how to increase population in Manor Lords.

How to Increase Population in Manor Lords?

The main element of the population is family and the number of people each family has. A family occupies a building where they perform various tasks like chopping firewood, hunting animals, or farming.

More families mean a higher number of family members, equivalent to more workers in each assigned family. Thus, the larger your population grows, the greater your town’s prosperity will be. Also, the male members from these families can be recruited as soldiers for your militia when it comes to fending off threats like defeating the bandits.

Anyways, two primary factors determine population growth:

Burgage plots:

Families have to initially locate a residence where they can live before they can arrive and join your village. They may also end up leaving if there is nowhere for them to stay. To avoid this, you must construct fresh burgage plots and upgrade the level of your current ones to 3. With this approach, there will be sufficient space for more families to settle in your village.


Here's a chart outlining how approval rate affects population growth:

Approval Percentage

Population growth (no. of people added)








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If a new family wants to settle into your village, you will need to possess an approval percentage of at least 50 and an empty burgage plot. Every month, this is scheduled to take place at the beginning. You will be notified each time a new family moves into your village.

This is the rate at which the overall number of families will continue to increase, hence raising the population. You can keep an eye on the total number of families in your village and how many residents are available by checking the game’s upper left panel.

So, keeping a high approval percentage should always be a priority. If you have an approval percentage of more than 75, two families will be added to your village each month instead of one, improving the overall growth of your future city. A high approval rating can be achieved using your marketplace by offering a diverse range of commodities like food, clothing, etc. Another way to improve the percentage is by building a church or a pub (yes, we know how ironic that is).

What You Need to Do to Increase Population in Manor Lords?

Here’s How to Increase Population in Manor Lords

Try out these methods to increase your population Manor Lords:

Expanding the Settlement

As your approval and population increase, you have to make sure that your village can accommodate additional people living within. You can also enhance the visual appeal of your town by developing residential zones, increasing market stalls, and installing various resource stations. And yes, this will require additional space to be developed. Try to think about what draws you to a city. Apply that to build your own village based on your strategy.

The Construction page will allow you to view all of the buildable structures, the majority of which will be required for your community at some point. You will also want to keep an eye on upgrading your existing buildings, especially the Burgage Plots. Families don’t want to live in the same house forever, so upgrading their houses goes a long way to improving Approval and attracting new citizens.

Grow Slowly

This may seem contrary to a population growth tip, but attempting to expand too quickly can lead to your village falling apart. The winter months are difficult with fuel costs increasing during the coldest times of the year, and if you don't have a solid infrastructure set up to care for your families, increasing the number of residents will result in failure. So, before you invite others to your village, verify that you have a steady revenue from food and fuel. It is better to have a gradual and deliberate growth in population instead of a period of prosperity and afterward insolvency.

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Maintain Harmony

Your village should have peace within its territory. The first and foremost aspect of peace is a sense of security where there is no crime in your village. Hence, you must place safety measures to prevent crimes. Improving your village’s sense of safety will lead to an increase in the population. Whereas, a decreasing sense of safety will reduce the population as citizens will start fearing for themselves.

You should also be careful about not setting an unreasonable tax value as it will cause the citizens to become stressed. Not having enough amenities is also a detriment to your progress as a Lord, which you can avoid by building hospitals, markets, event locations, and resource stations.

Keep an eye on the personal reviews of your citizens, as it will help you be aware of what your community needs as you progress through Manor Lords. Ensuring their welfare will allow you to grow the number of people in your village.

Be Patient

Don't expect to have a fully established village with a high population after only a few hours of playing the game. Devise your own strategy, have some patience, and you will eventually see the results.

In the early game, there will be a lack of people to assign work to. You won’t have enough families to cover all the tasks. However, by increasing the facilities of your village you can encourage more families to move in which will lead to an increase in your population.

What is the Maximum Population Range?

Manor Lords has a maximum population range of 2000 people. But future updates to the game can change the limit. Gameplay-wise, it will take plenty of time to max out your population limit. So, we think the developers of the game did a good job of pacing Manor Lords’ progression.

With that said, we hope you enjoyed this guide on how to increase population in Manor Lords. Given the number of layers and mechanics in the game, it is quite impressive to see how Slavic Magic created such a realistic world. Hat’s off to their talent!

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Here’s How to Increase Population in Manor Lords
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