Helldivers 2 Weather Update

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Helldivers 2 Weather Update

Helldivers 2 just added weather effects to the game. We will be discussing the Helldivers 2 Weather Update in this article.

Helldivers 2 came out this year and immediately rose to popularity. With multiple exciting maps to play on and terrains to fight through, the game was already a blast to traverse through. The weather effects added to the game bring an additional layer of difficulty to each map. Adding to that, each weather effect does something different in the game. These changes help keep you on your toes constantly.

Weathers added to the Helldivers 2 Weather Update

The weather update brought along three new weather effects. Each weather effect does different things to each map. The weathers added are:

  • Meteor Storms
  • Volcanic Activity
  • Tremors

Some of these do plain damage, while others have additional effects. We will be discussing each weather effect in this section.

Meteor Storms

Helldivers 2 Weather Update


Meteor showers, as the name suggests, drop meteors from the sky onto the map. Not only do they look cool, but these meteors can do devastating damage to you if they fall on you directly. The meteors can also knock you back if you’re too close to them. You can see them coming easily as you do not have to look up to know they are coming. As the meteors fall, they shine a white light on the ground where they will land. Simply dodge, run or walk your way out of it.

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Volcanic Activity

Helldivers 2 Weather Update

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Volcanic activity is similar to Meteor Showers. However, instead of space rocks hurtling towards you, hot lava rocks will come to burn you to a crisp. These rocks, like the meteors, do damage and knock you away. However, they have an added effect. The volcanic stones do fire damage when you come in contact with them. They also have a small area of effect where the fire spreads in a circular pattern around the rock’s landing zone.

This weather update also has a way to see incoming projectiles, like the meteor shower. Instead of white lighting shining where these fireballs land, you have a fellow light shining on the ground to easily distinguish between the two hazards.


Tremors are earthquakes that happen in the terrains of the game. The tremors are different from the previous two weather effects. The tremors shake the ground that makes you and your enemies slow. The slow down effect can be both beneficial and detrimental depending on the situation you are in or what weapons you are carrying. The easiest way to get rid of the slowing effect is by using jetpacks to jump out of the way.

Helldivers 2 came out just last month and has already made strides to improve their game. The weather updates definitely add a new layer to the game, and we cannot wait to get back to playing the game.

Helldivers 2 Weather Update
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