Helldivers 2 Xbox Survey Hits More Than 90k Signatures

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Helldivers 2 Xbox Survey Hits More Than 90k Signatures

Helldivers 2 is currently stuck on only PC and PS5. However, fans have set up a Helldivers 2 Xbox survey to bring the game over to the green side

It is safe to say that Helldivers 2 has been a massive success for both PlayStation and Arrowhead Game Studios. The game has sold over 1 million copies in just three days and its Steam player count numbers seem to just keep rising, making it the biggest PC release for Sony. However, at the time of writing, Helldivers 2 is only available on PC and PS5, leaving out Xbox players.

Additionally, since the game is published by PlayStation, it is highly unlikely that Helldivers 2 will make its way to the Series X or S any time soon. But fans of the game cannot accept such forms of gatekeeping and have taken to the internet to start a Helldivers 2 Xbox survey. Here’s everything we know about it so far!

The Helldivers 2 Xbox Survey is Blowing Up

Everything We Know About the Helldivers 2 Xbox Survey

With so much buzz and hype surrounding Helldivers 2, Xbox fans are unfortunately feeling left out as the game is not available on their platform. In retaliation to Sony’s and Arrowhead Game Studios’ exclusivity deal, Xbox fans have started a petition on Change.org to bring the critically acclaimed online co-op shooter to their platform. As of March 2, 2024, the petition has over 90 thousand signatures, which just goes to show how dedicated Xbox fans are to getting the game ported over to their system. 

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Can We Expect to See Helldivers 2 on Xbox?

It is unlikely that we will see a port of Helldivers 2 on Xbox any time soon. All Sony exclusives are only available on the PlayStation platform with some of them making their way to PC in recent years. Moreover, neither Sony nor Arrowhead have said a word about an Xbox release. So, the chances of the game coming to Xbox consoles is highly questionable at this point. 

As the game has been marketed as a PlayStation and PC exclusive since its announcement, we are doubtful that Sony will bend the knee to allow their IP onto the green side despite the immense fan request. Unfortunately, this has always been the case for both Sony and Nintendo as both companies are extremely protective of where their games can be played. 

This stance is in stark contrast to Xbox’s current strategy as they have recently stated that they will publish four of their exclusive titles on competing platforms. However, when the rumors of Starfield coming to the PS5 surfaced, Xbox fans were equally vocal about their disappointment at Microsoft. Many stated that they felt betrayed as they bought a current-gen Xbox console just to play Bethesda’s latest title. So, regardless of what you think of the console wars, Sony knows that one of the major reasons why their most dedicated fans buy their consoles is for the exclusives. 

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Our Opinion on Helldivers 2 Coming to Xbox

There is a silver lining in this situation in our opinion. Arrowhead Game Studios is still an independent developer and is not owned by PlayStation. That means when the exclusivity deal is over between the console manufacturer and the developer, Helldivers 2 may likely be ported to Xbox. The Persona franchise is a great example of this as Persona 3, 4, and 5 have not only made their way to Xbox from PlayStation but are also part of the Xbox Game Pass subscription. But instances like these are rare to see so take our opinion with a massive grain of salt.

Although it is quite sad to see such forms of video game gatekeeping in the modern era, the high demand for a port is a testament to the success of Helldivers 2. If you are interested in the game, do pick it up on the PS5 or PC. And for more news, guides, and features on Helldivers 2, keep your eye on ESTNN!

Helldivers 2 Xbox Survey Hits More Than 90k Signatures
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