Hell Let Loose Achievements: Full List To Complete Them

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Hell Let Loose Achievements: Full List To Complete Them

This article features the complete list of acheivements players can complete in the WW2 era shooter developed by Black Matter Games.

Hell Let Loose is a WW2 50V50 massive strategy based FPS shooter recently released for Game Pass Subscribers to play for free. We’ve compiled the full list of acheivements based on the info gathered from Steam, and it takes some investment into the game to be able to complete all these acheivements.

Blackmatter Games have also deployed a plethora of other content, new maps and more through downloadable DLC content in later updates. While this article includes the full trophy list from the base game, players need to view the game’s official steampage to view the other DLC trophies.

All Hell Let Loose Achievements: Full List

General of the Army
Unlock all achievements

Warfare Master
Win 25 Warfare battles

Offensive Master
Win 25 Offensive battles

Welcome to Hell
Kill your first enemy

Revive a friendly player

No ‘I’ in team
Place your first OP/Garrison

I’ll be Right There
Revive 10 friendly players in a match

Take Cover
Get 100 kills with artillery in total

Bad Nade! Bad Nade! v
Teamkill yourself with your won grenade

Und das Heißt…
Win a match as Axis

Over theeeeeere!
Win a match as Allies.

A Hedge Too Far
Play 5 matches on Sainte-Marie-du-Mont.

A Very Cold Christmas
Play 5 matches on Foy.

Siegfried’s Friend
Play 5 matches on Hürtgen.

Hanging From The Tower
Play 5 matches on Sainte-Mère-Église

A Lovely Day At The Beach
Play 5 matches on Utah Beach.

Clear Those Murder Holes!
Play 5 matches on Omaha Beach

Professional Swimmer
Play 5 matches on Purple Heart Lane

As Old as the Hills
Play 5 matches on Hill 400

Can’t Touch This
Kill 5 players without dying

We May Have Lost The Battle…
Lose a match.

Stayin’ Alive!
Be the last player alive in your squad

I Got Your Ammo!
Drop 100 Ammo boxes

Excellent Choice Sir!
Drop 5000 Supplies in total

Like stealing candy from a baby
Capture 100 Sectors

Can I Get Another Tiger?
Build 100 Fuel Nodes in total;

Labor With Love!
Build 100 Manpower Nodes in total

Time For A Bombing Run
Build 100 Munition Nodes in total

A Piece of Perfection
Place 20 buildable objects in one match

Filthy Camper
Kill 10 players without dying

Kill 100 players with headshots.

Scrap Metal
Destroy a vehicle

Tank Ace
Destroy 100 vehicles

Death From Below
Destroy a vehicle with an AT mine.

Death From Above
Destroy a vehicle with the Artillery.

The Red Ball Express
Drop 250 Supply Boxes from a Supply Truck.

Reach Career Level 10

Private First Class
Reach Career Level 20

Reach Career Level 30

Reach Career Level 40

Staff Sergeant
Reach Career Level 50

Soldier of the Month
Be awarded 3x the commendation at the end of a match.

Kill 100 players with headshots

Tank Hunter
Destroy 10 vehicles

Audie Murphy
Kill 25 players without dying

Getting burned by a flamethrower, molotov or flare gun.

Geneva Genocide!

Kill a Medic of the enemy team while being a Medic.

Staff Sergeant
Reach Career Level 50

Tank Junker
Destroy 20 vehicles

Breaking the Geneva Convention
Kill an enemy medic while he is reviving someone.

And so it begins…
Get first blood in a match.

One with the shadow…
Kill a Sniper of the enemy team while being a Sniper.

First Sergeant
Reach Career Level 60

Jack Of All Trades!
Be the highest scoring teammate at the end of the match

Supplies Here!
Drop 1000 Supplies

Master Sergeant
Reach Career Level 70

Spot On!
Kill a Spotter of the enemy team while being a Spotter.

Veteran Officer
Reach Officer Level 5

Rollin' In The Jeep
In one match, run over 15 enemies with a Jeep.

Tank Trapper
Destroy 50 vehicles

2nd Lieutenant
Reach Career Level 80

Death From Below
Destroy a vehicle with an AT mine

Death From Above

Destroy a vehicle with Artillery

You… Shall Not… Spawn!
Destroyed 5 enemy OPs in one life.

A Whole Team
Kill 50 players without dying

It's Not The Size That Matters…
Kill a Sniper with a Pistol

1st Lieutenant
Reach Career Level 90

Cleanup down aisle 3
Kill a soldier using the PTRS-41.

Veteran Anti-Tank
Reach Anti-Tank Level 5

Za Zdorovie!
Throw a Molotov for the first time.

Veteran Engineer
Reach Engineer Level 5

Excellent Choice, Sir
Drop 5000 Supplies

Veteran Support
Reach Support Level 5

Its over two thousand!
Killed a total of 2001 enemies.

Tank Ace
Destroy 100 vehicles

Reach Career Level 100

Molotov Party!
Have thrown a total of 100 Molotovs.

Veteran Assault
Reach Assault Level 5

One More, Lord!
Revive 25 friendly players in one match

I spy, I spy, with my little eye…
Reveal the positions of 20 or more soldiers at once with the Recon ability.

A Piece of Perfection
Build 30 objects in one match

Veteran Rifleman
Reach Rifleman Level 5

Command And Conquer!
As Commander, kill the enemy Commander

Veteran Automatic Rifleman
Reach Automatic Rifleman Level 5

Stocking Up
Drop 10000 Supplies

I don't need no Nightvision Goggles!
Played a total of 25 matches on Nightmaps.

Veteran Crewman
Reach Crewman Level 5

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