Guangzhou Charge vs. Seoul Infernal Preview & Results – Overwatch League 2023 Week 3

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Guangzhou Charge vs. Seoul Infernal Preview & Results – Overwatch League 2023 Week 3

Guangzhou Charge vs. Seoul Infernal could be a surprise banger of a match.

Both teams have proven a lot so far, but can anybody topple Guangzhou?

Guangzhou Charge

This Gunagzhou Charge roster took the off-season seriously. They had the benefit of joining the team at the very end of last year, replacing most of the old roster. Since then, they've become a force in their region, a position we've never seen them in before. They don't just have team favorites anymore, they've got well know league famous players to run them through their tough set of opponents. This is an expected win from the team, but we've seen crazier things happen.



Min-jun “PIGGY” Shin

  • Eliminations: 199
  • Deaths: 51
  • Damage: 103,263


Se-hwan “ChoiSehwan” Choi

  • Eliminations: 229
  • Deaths: 41
  • Damage: 102,710

Lei “Jimmy” Yujia

  • Eliminations: 152
  • Deaths: 68
  • Damage: 69,953


Cao “Faraway1987” Jiale

  • Eliminations: 113
  • Deaths: 58
  • Damage: 41,286
  • Healing: 115,020

Li “Xerneas” Xianyao

  • Eliminations: 125
  • Deaths: 63
  • Damage: 45,602
  • Healing: 97,544

Seoul Infernal

Seoul Infernal have done well to mold their team as proven by their decent start and standings, putting up good fights and even taking wins off of talented teams. With a region so tightly packed, their is not such a huge gap between the number one team and other top teams. Infernal could be the dark horse pick to overthrow the region leaders.

Overwatch 2: Strongest Heroes in Season 11



Tae-sung “Mag” Kim

  • Eliminations: 140
  • Deaths: 32
  • Damage: 57,424


Jae-hee “MN3” Yoon

  • Eliminations: 147
  • Deaths: 25
  • Damage: 65,393

Hyun-woo “ZEST”  Kim

  • Eliminations: 165
  • Deaths: 43
  • Damage: 29,903


Yeong-Hun “FiXa” Kwon

  • Eliminations: 69
  • Deaths: 40
  • Damage: 18,199
  • Healing: 56,764

Min-seok “skewed” Kim

  • Eliminations: 89
  • Deaths: 34
  • Damage: 24,487
  • Healing: 86,736

Guangzhou Charge vs. Seoul Infernal Results


Ilios: Guangzhou Charge 2-0 Seoul Infernal

Blizzard World: Seoul Infernal 2-1 Guangzhou Charge

Rialto: Guangzhou Charge 3-2 Seoul Infernal

Esperanca: Seoul Infernal 1-0 Guangzhou Charge

Antarctic Peninsula: Seoul Infernal 2-1 Guangzhou Charge

Player of the Match


Guangzhou Charge vs. Seoul Infernal Preview & Results – Overwatch League 2023 Week 3
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