Gothic Survival Game V Rising To Fully Release on PC This May

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Gothic Survival Game V Rising To Fully Release on PC This May

V Rising is finally stepping out of early-access and launching as a full-fledged 1.0 release in May.

V Rising is a gothic survival game that has stayed in early-access for 2 years now. After receiving acclaim and good response from players across all platforms the game was released, on, the vampire surival game is finally ready for a full release. The announcement came on Thursday, March 14, as Stunlock Studios revealed their plans of deploying a 1.0 update for their game on May 8 this year.

The premise of V Rising is fairly simple, as it plays out like any other modern survival RPG at its core, but you play as a Dracula who “dreams of homeownership and world domination.” You start off simple, fight a couple of PvP battles, and immerse yourself in a gameplay loop with good art direction and a decent soundtrack.

Through a press release, CEO of Swedish Game Studio Stunlock Studios reveaed that “After two years of Early Access, we’ve managed to really polish and worked hard on optimizing the game for its full launch “We made the most of that time, and we think fans will enjoy an improved experience that really pushes boundaries.”We’re excited for both our dedicated fans and newcomers to get their teeth into V Rising and drink it in when it fully releases on May 8th.” add Rickard Frisegård.

The full fledged release, which pushes the game out of early access on PC, will ship a host of new content along with a new map to the game.  With the update slated to release in May, we don't have the complete patch notes for it as of yet, but the developer shave given us a glimpse of what's to come. but the game will feature full controller support which we think is preparation for players for the PlayStation 5 port.

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Patch 1.0 also includes several optimization changes, visual improvements and promises players with an “all-around smoother experience.” The patch notes also revealed that the developers will introduce a “new breed of foe” along with a list of V Blood bosses.
As the developers incorporate a full release for the game, a new chapter will await players in the 1.0 update that will most likely offer a conclusion to the Vampire RPG's story.

The game will also increase in price, and it will be priced at 34.99 Euros, instead of 19.99 euros, the developers felt that the earlier price point was due to the reason that the game was still in early acess.

V Rising 1.0 Release Date

The full-fledged 1.0 update for the gothic Vampire adventure is slated to hit servers on May 8. Meanwhile, fans can also check out our full review for the game by clicking here.

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