Genshin Impact Enemy Of Note – Weekly Boss Guide

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Genshin Impact Enemy Of Note – Weekly Boss Guide

This guide will provide you tips on how to beat Genshin Impact Enemy of Note, also known as the Weekly Bosses

In the latest web event of Genshin Impact called “Lean, Mean, Cleaning Machine”, there’s a challenge mission, “Defeat 1 Enemy of Note” which has players confused. But nothing to fret about! You know the Enemies of Note as Weekly Bosses in Trounce Domains. This article will provide tips and tricks on how to defeat every Weekly Boss in the game.

Enemy Of Note – Weekly Boss Guide

Weekly Bosses, as their name suggests, can only be fought once per week. There are currently two Weekly Bosses from each region except Fontaine which has one. For the first three times in a week, you can collect their drops with 30 original resin and then it raises to 60 original resin. Their drops include Character Level-Up materials which are required to upgrade Talents of certain characters.

Stormterror Dvalin – Confront Stormterror

Genshin Impact Enemy Of Note - Weekly Boss Guide
Credit: Genshin Impact Wiki – Fandom

Stormterror has a shield before you can start depleting his main HP. When shielded, he will attack you from mid-air, occasionally touching the platforms with his claws. At that moment, hit his claws to damage his shield. Once his shield is down, you have to attack the purple thorn. Bow characters are best for Dvalin as he stays far away most of the time. Co-op is not allowed in this particular trounce domain.

Best Characters to use against Dvalin: Ganyu, Venti, Lyney, Tartaglia, Yelan.

Andrius – Wolvendom, Mondstadt

Andrius deals both Cryo and Anemo damage and he is also immune to any damage by these two elements. Therefore, avoid taking Cryo and Anemo characters. Make sure to stay close to Andrius, as his AOE damage will hit you when you are far but you will not be able to attack him. You have to manage your stamina well because sprinting is necessary to dodge his attacks if you do not have a shielder unit.

Best Characters to use against Andrius: Hu Tao, Raiden Shogun, Zhongli, Xiangling, Bennett.

Childe – Enter the Golden House

Childe has no resistance towards any element except Hydro in the first two phases. The resistance drops further when stunned by 30% in Phase 1 and by 50% in Phase 2. In Phase 3, he has increased resistance to both Electro and Hydro.

In Phase 1, dodge sideways during his wave attacks There will be circular overhead shot ranges when you will see the area marked, make sure to not be in it. In Phase 2, his attacks will be melee and can be dogged by moving forward and backward. Phase 3 is the hardest, you should stay in the middle and dodge following previous patterns if you don’t have a shielder.

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Best Characters to use against Childe: Hu Tao, Ayaka, Zhongli, Yoimiya, Albedo, Alhaitham

Azdaha – Beneath the Dragon-Queller

Considered one of the toughest Weekly Bosses in the game, and the ultimate boss early game, Azdaha requires a full guide to himself. Azdaha uses a combination of two elements randomly each week out of Hydro, Electro, Pyro and Cryo. He is the most resistant to Geo and then physical attacks. We believe that shield support or healers are mandatory for Azdaha with long-ranged DPS units.

There will be golden rings on the floor, make sure you move away from them. When Azdaha is underground, be as far away as you can from him. Azdaha will release spines from time to time that will explode in a few seconds, so do not be around them. When Azdaha absorbs his second element, you will either need a shield or extraordinary dodge skills.

Best Characters to use against Azdaha: Zhongli, Diona, Thoma, Kokomi, Yelan, Ganyu

La Signora – Narukami Island: Tenshukaku

The Fatui harbinger has two phases. In Phase, she will have Cryo resistance and deal Cryo damage to your characters so your stamina will be harder to manage due to the effects of Cryo. In Phase 1, she will deal Pyro damage and have more resistance towards Pyro.

Make sure to use Hearts of Flame to remove Sheer Cold. Do not break them, just stand nearby. Signora will encase herself in ice, and you must destroy the ice to proceed to the next phase using the crimson butterflies. In Phase 2, Sheer Cold is replaced by Blazing Heat. You have to utilize Etes of Frost the same way as Hearts of Flame.

Best Characters to use against La Signora: Yoimiya, Bennett, Alhaitham, Raiden, Kuki Shinobu, Nahida

Magatsu Mitake Narukami no Mikoto – End of the Oneiric Euthymia

Genshin Impact Enemy Of Note - Weekly Boss Guide
Credit: Villains Wiki – Fandom

In her normal state, the Raiden Shogun Puppet has regular resistance to all attacks. However, in the Baleful Shadowlord state, the resistance increases to 210%. When stunned, resistance will drop to -50%. Her melee attacks are scary but do not move far away as she will come dashing towards you. Defeat Illusions fast to find the real boss and continuously attack the Magatsu Electroculi to prevent them from attacking you.

The boss has one fatal attack that cannot be dodged or shielded. But if you destroy the Flowers of Remembrance, it will provide a sphere of protection to save you from the deadly one-hit attack. It is necessary to bring an Electro character as it breaks the Flowers of Remembrance very quickly. Shield supports can prove to be very useful against all the other attacks.

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Best Characters to use against Magatsu Mitake Narukami no Mikoto: Raiden, Xingqou, Xiangling, Bennett, Kokomi, Zhongli

Everlasting Lord of Arcane Wisdom – Joururi Workshop

In Phase 1, resistance against electro is 50%. In Phase 2, he is resistant to all the elements, especially 230% when shielded. While paralyzed, the resistance drops to -140% (-80% for Electro) for every element.

Phase 1 will end fairly quickly. In Phase 2, collect the crystals in the arena for the Neo Akasha Terminal and when it is recharged, use it to deplete the shield of the boss. After that, he will unleash his ultimate attack, which must be stopped as it can be fatal. Destroy the Nirvana Engines which will drop more energy crystals. Use it again to knock him down. Once paralyzed, take advantage of his extremely low resistance.

Best Characters to use against Everlasting Lord of Arcane Wisdom: Tignari, Yoimiya, Kokomi, Diona, Zhongli

Guardian of Apep's Oasis – The Realm of Beginnings

All three phases of Apep are resistant to Dendro. Phase 1 is very simple, just churn out as much damage as you can with your DPS and dodge Apep’s attacks as well as you can. They aren’t too hard to avoid.

In Phase 2, you need to protect The Heart of Oasis from groups of small enemies. This is why you should bring characters who are good against both single and multiple targets. In the group of enemies, go for the larger ones who provide shields and heals to the smaller enemies. In Phase 3, make sure to be inside Shields of Revival's Hymn during Apep’s Aftershocks of the Apocalypse, which is a fatal hit.

Best Characters to use against Guardian of Apep's Oasis: Kamisato Ayaka, Neuvilette, Kazuha, Hu Tao, Sucrose, Yelan

All-Devouring Narwhal – Shadow of Another World

Narwhal has two phases. In the first phase, he is highly resistant towards Hydro and in the second phase which is called Dark Shadow, he is resistant to Electro. When the battle begins, do not use your strong attacks until Narwhal rises to the surface because you do not want to waste your DMG and energy.

Make sure to have a Pneuma or Ousia character as you need to use the Arkhe attacks to destroy Eye of Maelstorm to attract the attention of Narwhal. You also need Arkhe attacks to destroy and interrupt Dark Shadow’s attacks in the second Phase.

Best Characters to use against Narwhal: Lyney, Navia, Wriothsley, Zhongli, Bennett

Genshin Impact Enemy Of Note - Weekly Boss Guide
Credit: Genshin Impact Wiki – Fandom

We recommend fighting at least three Weekly Bosses every week to utilize the discount, as per the drops you require. The rewards are bountiful and will take you a long way in the case of resource management. For more guides on Genshin Impact, make sure to stay with ESTNN!

Genshin Impact Enemy Of Note – Weekly Boss Guide
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