Gen.G VS Bilibili Gaming MSI 2024 Grand Final – Winner Takes all

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Gen.G VS Bilibili Gaming MSI 2024 Grand Final – Winner Takes all

The Grand Final of MSI 2024 is here as Gen.G VS Bilibili Gaming sets the stage.

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We are quickly approaching the final hours of MSI 2024, and what a tournament it has been already. While today looked set up to be a banger series, it has a lot to contend with. We saw T1 just look a little off the boil against a defiant TL side. While Europe's last hope, G2 Esports put on a commanding performance against Top Esports to set themselves up for a rematch against T1.

But none of that matters now, because it's Grand Final Time and it's time for an Upper Bracket Final Rematch! Now, GEN and BLG take to the Rift, with both sides showing signs that they have kinks in their armor. BLG had a close series against PSG earlier at MSI, and T1 took them to four games in the last round. Similarly, GEN hasn't had it all their own way, either. While they easily took down Fnatic, Top Esports took them to five games in the previous round. With a place in the Grand Final up for grabs, it's the perfect time for one of these two sides to show what they are made of.

But when these two sides last faced off it was GEN that took the win, but BLG will be full of confidence after their BO5 win against T1 in the Lower Bracket final. Now, GEN looks to become just the second LCK side to lift an MSI title, while BLG is looking to claim the MSI trophy on home soil.

Gen.G VS Bilibili Gaming MSI 2024 Recap

Game 1

MSI Grand Final - Game 1 Gen.G vs Bilibili Gaming

The first blood of the Grand Final went over to BLG, who picked up a kill in the bot side with three members diving the tower. BLG are at it again in the bot side, punishing the GEN bot side of the map. It took some time, but GEN started to claw back into the game at the 14-minute mark, getting a kill onto Bin but at the cost of a lot of ultimate.

Well into the mid-game and BLG remained ahead by 3k, as both teams looked for map control with Baron set to spawn on the map. The Soul Drake is the big fight, and it went to BLG who then used the buff to turn the fight in their favor. Picking up four kills for just one in return, BLG took a huge step to claiming Game 1. Baron was next, this time it was Gen who made the play for objective, and it started perfectly as they claimed the objective. GEN then picked up a pick on Xun, turning the fight slightly in their favor before resetting on the map. GEN were not able to make much use of their Baron, with BLG defending the map hard. With Elder about to spawn, the game was close to ending.

Elder is started, and the fight is chaotic, three members of each side dropped, with GEN able to keep the attention of the Elder Drake before claiming it. The four remaining members handshake on the fight but it was GEN that found the Elder. GEN next up claimed the Baron, with BLG letting them take it in favor of claiming the mid-lane inhibitor tower. Elder was once again the objective, GEN once again claimed the objective mid fight and that was it, BLG were aced and GEN claimed the first game victory.

Gen.G VS Bilibili Gaming Game 1 Quick Stats:

 Score 1 0
 Gold 73.4k 67.1k
 Kills 16 10
 Turrets 8 5
 Dragons 2 4
 Barons 2
 Game Time 38:15

Game 2

MSI Grand Final - Game 2 Gen.G vs Bilibili Gaming

First blood went over to GEN and it was an amazing punish of Bin as he returned to his lane late after the lane swap. BLG got themselves back on the board a minute later, as Bin got his revenge. It was the GEN show once again in the early game in Game 2, as they continued to assert their pressure on the map moving to a 2k lead at 10 minutes. More fights going the way of GEN, but the drawn out nature of the fights kept giving BLG a way back. But better map pressure has meant GEN maintained that 2k lead as we entered the mid game.

BLG had found a way back into the game, with GEN unable to make their picks count. BLG were now the team making map pressure count. With more incredible play by Lehends on the Blitzcrank, GEN once again won a 5vs5 before the moved to attempt the Baron on spawn. Baron was secured by GEN, with BLG unable to stop them. The extended fight was forced by BLG but they threw themselves at the fight one at a time. To make matters worse, the third Drake for GEN was about to spawn.

It looked like all she wrote, as GEN marched down the Rift, knocking down members of BLG for fun as they looked to take a huge lead in this series. GEN broke open the base, knocking down one inhibitor with Baron and Soul Drake spawning on the map. Soul Drake is secured, one member of BLG is taken down as GEN moved to claim the Baron. Somehow, BLG were almost able to stay alive but Peyz went huge, breaking the record for most kills at a game in MSI on his way. GEN, however, couldn't end because of Bin respawning on the map.

Somehow, with Elder about to spawn, BLG found a fight that might turn the game. BLG tried to force the Elder with just three members of GEN alive. BLG won the fight, but the minions broke back into the base, knocking down the two inhibitors once again. Now, BLG had money and Elder would once again be the prize. BLG claimed the Elder, but their base is exposed as GEN moved instead to claim the Baron.

GEN moved into the base of BLG with Baron and Elder having dropped off. GEN looked to have it, with the better engage and that was it. GEN claimed Game 2 as they looked to secure the 3-0 series. With the Soul Drake spawning, BLG slipped up and allowed GEN to claim the Ocean Soul, completely negating their poke composition.

Gen.G VS Bilibili Gaming Game 2 Quick Stats:

 Score 2 0
 Kills 39 17
 Turrets 10 4
 Dragons 4 1
 Barons 3 0
 Game Time 39:10

Game 3

MSI Grand Final - Game 3 Gen.G vs Bilibili Gaming

First blood went over to BLG this time, as they look to get back into this series. BLG are having it their way in the early game, while the lead is slight, they are looking much more active. The snowball is on, BLG just can't stop finding winning fights as they came alive in the series finally. BLG continued their pressure, moving to a 3k lead as we moved into the Baron spawning zone.

With the Soul point Drake spawning, BLG tried to cut it off but a great flank from GEN saw them secure the objective but BLG won the fight and moved to secure the Baron. Ten minutes of back and forth set up a 5v5 fight in the mid lane with Baron spawning on the Rift. BLG managed to do enough in the fight to claim the baron, as they look to get back into the series.

You could cut the tension in the Arena with a knife, BLG remained in the lead but they knew one mistake would end the game. Meanwhile, with their regen, GEN can go poke for poke with the BLG poke comp. GEN got the first kill in the fight, before BLG came alive and took down the remaining members of GEN to secure the ace. BLG pushed into the top lane as they tried to force the game end. With that, BLG secured the win, as the series headed for a Game 4.

Gen.G VS Bilibili Gaming Game 3 Quick Stats:

 Score 2 1
 Gold 67k 74.7k
 Kills 13 20
 Turrets 5 9
 Dragons 4 2
 Barons 0 2
 Game Time 40:05

Game 4

MSI Grand Final - Game 4 Gen.G vs Bilibili Gaming

First blood secured by GEN as they look to secure the series. The early game was close, but in the crucial game it was GEN who managed to get the slightest of leads, but BLG had secured two early Drakes. GEN managed to stop the Soul Point being secured by BLG, as they look to deny an early win condition.

Baron is the play, as both teams posture around the pit. GEN won the fight, knocking down three members of BLG before going back to claim the Baron. With Baron, GEN were not messing around, charging into the top side of the BLG base and knocking down the inhibitor. They pulled away for now, giving BLG a chance to fight again. With Baron having fallen off, GEN continued to push BLG into their base, claiming map pressure with Drake and Baron just minutes away from spawning.

A huge moment for BLG as they steal away the Baron from GEN as the Arena erupted with noise. With BLG able to split push across the map, GEN are too afraid to push out as BLG secured Soul Point putting both teams on 3 Drakes each. A huge fight once again, and it is BLG that do it again! GEN were almost wiped off the map, but the delay meant BLG could push into the base and tried to end. BLG opened up the Nexus, but GEN remained alive with both the Soul Drake and Baron on the map.

“What is going on” is correct here, because this game is madness. BLG make multiple attempts to end the game, but GEN continued to defend it, and while doing so took the Soul Drake and the Baron buff.

BLG in the end, just couldn't make it count, with GEN having so much control despite their base being wide open. With BLG throwing everything they had at GEN, they failed to close out as GEN backdoored BLG to claim a massive victory for the LCK

Gen.G VS Bilibili Gaming Game 4 Quick Stats:

 Score 3 2
 Gold 88.1k 83k
 Kills 23 9
 Turrets 10 10
 Dragons 5 3
 Barons 2 1
 Game Time 47:10

Game 5

Gen.G VS Bilibili Gaming Game 5 Quick Stats:

 Game Time


Gen.G VS Bilibili Gaming MSI 2024 Grand Final – Winner Takes all
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