T1 vs BLG MSI 2024 Lower Bracket Final Recap – China’s Last Hope

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T1 vs BLG MSI 2024 Lower Bracket Final Recap – China’s Last Hope

T1 vs BLG sees the Korean second seed fight off against BLG (Bilibili Gaming), the final hope of China in their hometown event. Can T1 continue their run in the lower bracket or will BLG be too strong for the Korean side?

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With just two series left at MSI 2024, we're no doubt in for a banger series. Despite being seen as the underdogs by some yesterday, T1 dispatched G2 with relative ease in a 3-0 series. As for BLG, while their series against GEN started well, but it all fell apart in games 2 to 4 as they find themselves one game away from heading home.

When the two sides met earlier in MSI, it was BLG that got the better of T1, claiming a 3-1 series victory. Now, though, with elimination on the line can T1 pull off a massive comeback to set themselves up for an LCK Final rematch in tomorrow's Grand Final?

T1 vs BLG MSI 2024 Recap

Game 1

T1 vs BLG game 1

First blood went over to T1, and Faker who is channeling his inner Caps by picking up Tristana. Blow for blow early, as both sides battle to get an early series lead. It's a frantic start to the game, with very little to separate the two sides early, but BLG had found a small lead. Frantic is the only way to describe the opening 15 minutes. BLG found a huge fight win, but with the fight extending T1 made it back onto the map and somehow turned it into an ACE.

T1 continued to look strong up until the Baron, where they forced the play but LG were able to get in and knock down T1 and claim the Baron. With the Soul Drake secured, BLG use that to turn another fight in their favor, as BLG pushed into the T1 base to try to claim a Game 1 victory.

T1 did their best, but it wasn't enough as BLG secured a big Game 1 victory in one of the most hectic games of MSI 2024 so far.

T1 vs BLG Game 1 Quick Stats:

 Score 0 0
 Gold 51.8k 60k
 Kills 15 19
 Turrets 3 8
 Dragons 1 4
 Barons 0 1
 Game Time 29:42

T1 vs BLG MSI 2024 Recap

Game 2

T1 vs BLG game 2

It's the start T1 did not need, as they hand over the level 1 first blood to BLG. That said, T1 did manage to get one back, also at the level 1. Yeah, we have Chaos part 2, with ten minutes on the clock we have had eight kills, and Gumayusi on Draven has a triple kill already.

Despite not making it work in Game 1, in Game 2 T1 are changing the series. With a 5k lead at 16 minutes, they were looking to retake control of this narrative. With BLG looking to secure the Soul Drake, T1 had to make a move to deny it. They did, but the subsequent fight was, once again, chaos. BLG came away with the fight win but T1 did manage to secure the Drake.

It was a team fight, and not an objective that ended Game 2. T1 and BLG go at it in the mid lane and it was T1 that got the fight they needed as they just about managed to make this into a series!

T1 vs BLG Game 2 Quick Stats:

 Score 1 1
 Gold 56.7k 46.3k
 Kills 16 9
 Turrets 8 0
 Dragons 1 3
 Barons 0 0
 Game Time 29:01

T1 vs BLG MSI 2024 Recap

Game 3

T1 vs BLG game 3

First blood went over to T1 once again, could they make it 2-1? Largely blow for blow in the early game, BLG did manage to get a slight lead before the 10-minute mark. Move towards the mid game period, BLG maintained their gold lead of 1k.

Our first major 5 vs 5 was setup in the mid lane and once again, when it comes to fighting as a group BLG came out on top. An amazing Annie Ultimate set the stage, as four members of T1 drop with two mid towers going as a result. BLG ran it back moments later, fighting at the Baron, BLG were able to win the fight, despite losing out on the Baron. BLG went again, as they made it three fights in a row where they were able to punish misplacement on the Rift by T1. While the game is not over, BLG had a near 10k lead at 21 minutes.

BLG found another fight in the mid lane, and with so little left to defend, BLG stormed into the T1 base to take the series to a 2-1 lead in favor of the Chinese side.

T1 vs BLG Game 3 Quick Stats:

 Score 1 2
 Gold 38.5k 50.7k
 Kills 4 23
 Turrets 2 9
 Dragons 2 1
 Barons 0 1
 Game Time 23:37

T1 vs BLG MSI 2024 Recap

Game 4

T1 vs BLG game 4

BLG once again secured the first blood as BLG gank into Faker in the mid lane. T1 seemed determined to end this series in Game 4 with some bizarre plays on the top side handing over multiple kills to BLG as T1 start to show signs of cracking under the pressure. T1 looked to have found a fight that would get them back, but Knight, who was respawning was able to get into the fight to clutch it back for BLG.

With the gold remaining close into the mid game, the second Baron spawned on the Rift, T1 took their moment to force a fight. T1 baited BLG in, and secured a huge teamfight win before moving to claim the Baron. Soul is the next objective, and while BLG wanted it, T1 were able to deny it. In the fight after, T1 claimed the victory, winning 4 for 2 in deaths as T1 pushed into the BLG base.

Baron is once again the trigger for a fight, this time, however, the fight stops the Baron but it was once again T1 who won the duel 3 for 1. Baron isn't taken but Chaos has once again taken over the Rift. BLG were the ones to lose out again, as their mid lane inhibitor was left exposed but Baron remained on the map. With Baron, T1 would once again push into the BLG base to try to end. While they found a way into the base, the fight was messy, BLG got a great engagement but couldn't keep the momentum going as we went into a fifth and final game.

T1 vs BLG Game 4 Quick Stats:

 Score 2 2
 Gold 74.7k 66.5k
 Kills 28 17
 Turrets 10 5
 Dragons 3 3
 Barons 2 0
 Game Time 36:28

T1 vs BLG MSI 2024 Recap

Game 5

T1 vs BLG game 5

In the crucial game, it was T1 once again that picked up the first blood. T1 continued to snowball the early lead, despite BLG picking up a number of kills themselves. Moving into the mid game, BLG had closed the gap, winning a key fight before the Drake appeared on the map. Sadly for BLG, all they could really do was gain gold with no objectives up on the map.

Baron remained on the map, and fighting was still the name of the game into the 27th minute. BLG had found a way back into the lead, with a slim 2k gold lead all that separated the teams. Finally, at 32 minutes Baron was started, and despite T1 coming to stop it BLG were just too far ahead as they melted the Baron. BLG were able to fight off T1 while claiming Baron as three members of T1 fell.

It was indeed that, as T1 respawned it was too little, too late, as BLG once again took down T1 at MSI 2024. Now, BLG would have to face off against GEN for the Grand Final.

T1 vs BLG Game 5 Quick Stats

 Score 2 3
 Gold 54.7k 65.4k
 Kills 5 18
 Turrets 3 7
 Dragons 2 2
 Barons 0 1
 Game Time 33:38
T1 vs BLG MSI 2024 Lower Bracket Final Recap – China’s Last Hope
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