Games Workshop Announce Warhammer Price Increase Once Again

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Games Workshop Announce Warhammer Price Increase Once Again

As water is water, Games Workshop has once again announced that a Warhammer price increase is coming.

As the world continues to get more expensive, our already expensive hobby is also set to be hit by the cost of living. The increase will come into effect from the 10th of June, and will for now just effect the Warhammer stores and online products.

Update: To prove the world is normal, Games Workshop stock saw a 2% increase today as a result of this news.

Warhammer Price Increase

So, what's it actually going to look like. In Games Workshop's own words we'll see the following:

“The price changes for individual products will vary, but in most countries, the average change will be between 3% and 5%.* As an example of what you can expect, a squad of Necron Warriors goes up $2 from $50 to $52, £30 to £31.50, and €40 to €41 (or local currency equivalent).”

As always, that little “*” in a Games Workshop post is doing a lot of heavy lifting, and here it comes with bad news for folks in Sweden and Norway. While 3 to 5% isn't a massive increase, folks in these two Nordic countries are about to get hit with a 8 to 14% increase in prices across the Warhammer line.

The prices of some of our products aren’t changing however, such as  Citadel paint pots and paint sets, White Dwarf, and Black Library products, both physical and digital.

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Games Workshop ending by having this to say:

“We understand that no one likes a price rise and we’ve done our best to keep prices down. We’re giving you a heads-up now so that you have plenty of time to take advantage of current prices.”

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Right as we get the 500th issue of White Dwarf as well

A costly Hobby

It's a sad thing to admit, but as costs continue to go up, especially for those of us living in Norway and Sweden we have to remember this is a hobby. Warhammer is a fun game to play or a calming hobby to paint and collect little plastic armies. No one needs Warhammer, there are plenty of alternatives and remember, your friendly local game store might not see a huge impact of these changes.

Games Workshop Announce Warhammer Price Increase Once Again
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