Grombrindal Gets new Model for 500th Issue of White Dwarf

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Grombrindal Gets new Model for 500th Issue of White Dwarf

White Dwarf's 500th Issue is fast approaching, and Grombrindal is ready for it with a brand new model.

The iconic White Dwarf himself will not only grace the cover of the long-running magazine once again, but will get a new model to celebrate. First launched in 1977, the magazine has not stopped being the go-to for Warhammer fans around the World. Now, as it reaches its 500th Issue, it's showing no signs of slowing.

Grombrindal Glowup

WD Mini Apr22 Deets

Entering the Mortal Realms once again, Grombrindal will get special rules for Age of Sigmar, Cursed City, Warcry, and Warhammer Underworlds. In the new mini, Grombrindal is decked out in ornimants from both the Kharadron Overlords and Fyreslayers, making him a fine addition to both. He's also been a busy Dwarf, as his base shows, depicting the remains of the enemies he's slain on the battlefield.

The 500th Issue of White Dwarf will also include a selection of unique battle plans and battle scenarios that feature the white-haired dwarf. With the 500th issue less than a month away, we suspect this won't be the last major bit of news we hear about the issue.

As for the model itself, we suspect it will be priced in a similar price range to other hero models of this detail, likely in the $35 range.

Grombrindal Gets new Model for 500th Issue of White Dwarf
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