Fortnite x Mistborn Collaboration Confirmed

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Fortnite x Mistborn Collaboration Confirmed

Mistborn will crossover with Fortnite soon!

Fortnite Battle Royale’s ever-expanding list of collaborations will continue with Mistborn, an epic fantasy novel series first established in 2006. After briefly teasing the crossover, many leakers within the Fortnite scene dug into a cryptic tweet from the game’s official Twitter account. Mistborn’s creator, Brandon Sanderson, then confirmed the rumors. Although the exact character is unclear, some evidence supports that a warrior known as Kelsier will represent the series in Fortnite.

Fortnite’s Cryptic “Mistborn” Tweet

The popular Battle Royale title’s Twitter account sent out a tweet that had fans stirring instantly. While some thought the words included referred to the upcoming alien-themed new season, further investigation disproved that theory.

“You’re the only one they call the Survivor; those scars on your arms give you away. You’re a troublemaker,” the tweet reads. The Twitter scene jumped at the opportunity of decrypting the confusing quote. ShiinaBR and TweaBR were the first two to make the Mistborn connection.

Mistborn Creator Confirms the News

Brandon Sanderson, the creator of Mistborn, quoted Fortnite’s tweet, asking, “Who guessed it?” That response served as all of the evidence fans needed. Fortnite fans had the confirmation, but the question remained; which character from Mistborn would join the game’s universe? More investigative work revealed some hints.

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Kelsier to Appear in Fortnite?

Another Fortnite leaker – HYPEX – added himself into the equation and caught wind from another Twitter user known as who reads the Mistborn series. He informed that the quote above references Kelsier, a powerful character from epic fantasy novel’s universe. However, this is merely a theory at this point.

The Fortnite x Mistborn collaboration news unraveled rather quickly. Apart from the quote, Fortnite and Epic Games have not divulged any more details. We’ll have to wait and see what the crossover will produce and the potential in-game cosmetics that could follow.

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