Fortnite x Marshmello Returns December 14 — New Skin & Merch

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Fortnite x Marshmello Returns December 14 — New Skin & Merch

Fortnite’s collaboration with American DJ and music producer Marshmello continues on December 14.

The year 2019 marked Marshemello’s first appearance in Fortnite Battle Royale. Epic Games worked with the famous artist to construct an in-game skin and other accessories, culminating in the first official ICON Series entry. Since then, several well-known content creators and celebrities such as Tyler “Ninja” Blevins and pop superstar Ariana Grande have enjoyed the same Fortnite presence.

Marshmello set a slew of collaborations in motion, undoubtedly making it a historically significant skin. The saga of Fortnite x Marshemllo continues on December 14 with a brand new skin style and line of merch.

New Marshmello Skin Style

Fortnite leakers ShiinaBR and GranbeFN presented an early look at Marshmello new black and gold style. Those who currently possess the base skin should receive the latest variation on December 14—likely around 7 PM EST when the Item Shop resets. Others can purchase the Marshmello Set or individual items. However, it’s unclear whether the Mello Mallets Pickaxe and Mello Rider Glider will have the same black and gold style. We’ll find that out for sure over the next few days.

The Fortnite x Marshmello revival includes more than just in-game items. Marshmello’s shop plans to release black and gold apparel on the same day.

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Fortnite x Marshmello Apparel Launch

Twitter user iFireMonkey and GranbeFN showcased the entire Mello x Fortnite Capsule to be released exclusively on the artist’s Instagram shop. It features hoodies, t-shirts and other apparel options following the same black and gold color scheme, as displayed above. The merch will be available for purchase at 1 PM EST on December 14 only on Marshemello’s mobile Instagram account.

Be sure to check Fortnite’s Item Shop this coming Tuesday at 7 PM EST to see Marshmello’s new in-game skin style!

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