Fortnite World Champ Bugha Joins Hollister As Chief Gaming Scout, Launches Limited-Edition Apparel

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Fortnite World Champ Bugha Joins Hollister As Chief Gaming Scout, Launches Limited-Edition Apparel

Hollister Co. has named Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf its Chief Gaming Scout.

The Abercrombie & Fitch-owned American clothing company has inked a deal with Fortnite World Cup Champion Bugha to make him their Chief Gaming Scout. Bugha — Fortnite's only World Champion and a multiple-time Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) Finalist — is one of the game's most recognizable names both for his talent and personality. Since his $3M USD triumph two years ago, Bugha has ascended to superstardom as a content creator and competitor.

Alongside Hollister, Bugha will help scout up-and-coming streamers and recruit talents to Team Hollister. Additionally, the two parties have teamed up for an exclusive apparel launch that is now available. It's the latest in a long line of ventures for one of esports' most promising individuals, which has significant implications for other rising personalities.

Bugha x Hollister

Fortnite's only Solo World Champion teased a sizable deal with Hollister earlier in the week. And today marked the official announcement. He has joined Hollister as the Chief Gaming Scout and launched his first line of apparel. The initial release includes a hooded sweatshirt and sweatpants that Bugha worked closely with Hollister to design. It consists of a hidden message and, of course, the World Champ's beloved dog Zoey.

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“I'm pumped to act as Hollister's Chief Gaming Scout and for the release of our gaming apparel collection,” said Bugha. “Working with the team to design custom apparel that I'm truly excited to wear, and that I know other gamers will love, has been a really cool experience. I can't wait for everyone to see what else we have in store with this partnership!”

In terms of his role as the company's Chief Gaming Scout, Bugha plans to find and mentor rising streamers alongside Hollister. According to the press release, “The program will include a series of livestreamed training sessions, including a charity livestream on Giving Tuesday, a $10,000 sponsorship from Hollister for each streamer and monthly mentorship from Bugha to help the trainees on their journey to becoming the next big gaming creator.”

Mere months after becoming a member of Fortnite's exclusive ICON Series, Bugha has shown no signs of slowing down. He continues competing at the highest level of Fortnite Battle Royale and has successfully grown his brand in multiple facets. The future remains bright for Bugha. It'll be interesting to see what more this partnership provides down the line. And what potential streaming talents could emerge from Bugha's role as Chief Gaming Scout.

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