Fortnite World Champ Bugha Achieves Second FNCS Title, Wins Grand Royale With Mero & Dukez

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Fortnite World Champ Bugha Achieves Second FNCS Title, Wins Grand Royale With Mero & Dukez

Fortnite World Champion Kyle “SEN Bugha” Giersdorf achieved his second consecutive Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS).

The 2019 World Cup winner entered this weekend's $5M USD FNCS Grand Royale Finals as one of the favorites. Bugha and Mero replaced their Season 8 Championship teammate Muz after a personal dispute, ultimately filling his spot with Season 7 Champion Dukez—a questionable decision to some. Muz had proven himself in Oceania and became a vital piece to Bugha and Mero's FNCS win.

This weekend's Grand Royale Finals would prove whether Bugha and Mero made the right call. Furthermore, fans would witness an outstanding comeback from the reigning Solo World Champion and another chapter to his legacy. It was a fascinating finish to the $5M USD tournament and worth watching on repeat.

Quick Work in the FNCS Grand Royale Qualifiers

With Dukez alongside, Bugha and Mero proved themselves in the grueling Grand Royale Qualifiers last weekend. The complex format tasked all Trios with placing top-33 in the “Load Session” round. A third-place finish there was more than enough for Bugha's team, but next came the Qualifier's most challenging portion—the “Victory Path.” The only objective in the Victory Path is a Victory Royale, which Bugha, Mero and Dukez achieved in their first game.

That lone detail meant the world, as the three players could recharge their batteries for the Grand Royale Finals. What transpired this past weekend belongs in the Fortnite history books. Bugha, Mero and Dukez solidified themselves as perhaps the best in Season 8.

Steadying the Ship on Day One

Day one started well enough for Bugha and company. The Misty Meadows Trio played consistently in their first six matches, finishing with an average placement of 9.67 but well below expectations from an eliminations perspective, managing just 23. Bugha, Mero and Dukez would have a seemingly tall mountain to climb. They sat 73 points out of first and day one leader's FS Zlem, TNG Chukky and TNG Tkay looked to be in control.

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An Impressive Comeback to Complete the Back-to-Back

Like in the European Finals day two's doubled points became the critical component in the NA East region. Eliminations would be worth four instead of two—something all teams would look to exploit. Placement points also doubled, meaning the leaderboard could change hands quickly. That came to fruition, as seemingly every top NA East team found their way into the top-five.

Six different teams, including Bugha, Mero and Dukez, collected a Victory Royale on day two. The three players started slow on the final day, finishing 17th and 15th before turning a corner in games three through six. Bugha, Mero and Dukez earned their lone win in match four with 12 eliminations.

The tournament winner would be determined in the final match. Heading in, Bughas's crew had 452 points, and a 24 points lead. However, virtually every team inside the top-six had a chance to win, including the eventual second-place team of LG Jamper, Deyy and NOVA Tragix. All Trios fell around them in the closing moments of match 12. Their effort ultimately produced a third-place finish with six eliminations.

The game came to an end, and it was indisputable—Bugha and Mero officially completed back-to-back FNCS victories. Adding Dukez benefitted the Trio, who finished second in the field with a total of 61 eliminations. Bugha elevated his already high stock and currently sits atop the totem pole in competitive Fortnite.

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The World Champ Proves Himself Once Again

People often have the greatest of all time (GOAT) discussion in esports and traditional sports. Bugha could be just that in competitive Fortnite. Since winning the first-ever World Cup, Bugha has done nothing but contend for FNCS titles over the last two years. It took some time—11 seasons, in fact—but the World Champ's mentality is impenetrable. Bugha has achieved his second consecutive FNCS win and has performed well in every format thrown at him.

His FNCS placements are as follows; 26th, 21st, fifth, fourth, third, 21st, eighth, first and first. That's an average placement of tenth—almost unheard of in competitive Fortnite. Let's not discount Mero and Dukez, both of whom have five combined FNCS wins in past seasons. We are starting to see the next breed of competitive Fortnite, and 2022 promises to be one of the best in history.

For Bugha, let's hope that LANs return in full force next year. No fans would disagree that the World Champion finally competing in front of an electric crowd would be outstanding. In the interim, Bugha is an absolute star in Fortnite and will continue to thrive regardless of the format.

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