Fortnite: Where To Find Spray Cans In Season 7

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Fortnite: Where To Find Spray Cans In Season 7

ESTNN guides you through locating spray cans to complete the week two quest in Season 7.

Week two of Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 7 is underway Epic Games has a slew of new challenges for players to complete. One of these tasks requires players to locate two and collect two spray cans from one of many warehouses strewn across the current landscape. Today, ESTNN will guide players through finding the spray cans and significantly boosting their experience points.

Where to Find Spray Cans

The Fortnite map, showing the location of spray cans in the Pleasant Park area

The Fortnite.GG website provides players with a map of all challenges each season. Refer to the map above for the spray can locations for the week two challenge. As you can see, there are two reliable spots where players can find spray cans. The quest is relatively easy if you can avoid the number of players looking to accomplish the same goal.

Here’s a brief guide of how to tackle this quest when landing at Dirty Docks:

A screen shot of Dirty Docks showing the giant warehouse located on the far east side, marked with a red circle

  1. Aim for the giant warehouse located on the far east side of Dirty Docks
  2. Run into the warehouse, and there should be two spray cans inside
  3. Grab the two spray cans to receive your experience point (XP) payout

Pleasant Park is also an option as shown above on the map. Spray cans spawn in garages at that location. However, more players typically land at Pleasant Park, considering it’s one of the more popular points of interest (POIs). Your best bet is to venture over to Dirty Docks and explore the warehouse. If successful, you will receive 30,000 XP, which should help level your Season 7 Battle Pass.

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