Fortnite: Where to Find Covert Cavern & The Vault

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Fortnite: Where to Find Covert Cavern & The Vault

Covert Cavern is the new addition to Fortnite Chapter 3's fresh set of locations. Join us as we look at the latest drop spot to enter Battle Royale mode.

The latest point of interest (POI) follows the internet-shattering return of Chapter 1 favorite — Tilted Towers. It seems Epic Games does not plan to slow its efforts to expand the Chapter 3 landscape. Covert Cavern joins new staples, The Daily Bugle and Sleepy Sound, alongside oldies Greasy Grove and Shifty Shafts. The location is officially open following patch v19.20 early this morning.

Today, we'll explain everything you need to know about Covert Cavern, including its precise location and what you can expect to find loot-wise. 

Where to Find Covert Cavern

The location of the new Fortnite POI, Covert Cavern, marked on the map by a red circle

Players ejecting from the Battle Bus following patch v19.20 will find a base similar to The Grotto built into the mountains north of Camp Cuddle. This area previously had nothing to write home about, and now it gets a potentially legendary POI in the making. The similarities to The Grotto are almost uncanny.

Covert Cavern features multiple entry points, tons of loot, IO Guards, a boss character, a Vault, a vent for mobility and a Mythic Stinger SMG. It single-handedly went from a forgettable landmark to perhaps the best POI in Fortnite Battle Royale. The Vault alone is worth the traffic that Covert Cavern will see because, quite frankly, it could stand toe-to-toe with any Vault from previous seasons.

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Covert Cavern Vault

The Vault

You can find the Covert Cavern Vault inside the base. Those that remember The Grotto should prepare themselves for a throwback to the early Chapter 2 days. It's worth exploring mainly because the loot inside is beyond comprehension. 

Here is a full breakdown of what the Covert Cavern Vault possesses:

  • Several regular Chests
  • Four Safes
  • Four Supply Drops
  • Four IO Chests
  • Ammo Boxes
  • Large Ammo Boxes

To access the Vault, you must eliminate the IO-Brute non-player character (NPC), a.k.a. Gunnar. This character roams the POI with over 1,200 effective HP and several lethal attacks. Once you eliminate him, Gunnar drops the Mythic SMG and a Vault Keycard. Like in Chapter 2 Season 2, you need to input the Keycard to enter the Vault. You've likely evaded or eliminated multiple opponents if you manage to make it that far. The Victory Royale shouldn't be too far away provided you exit Covert Cavern unscathed.

It's a good time to drop back into Fortnite with a renewed version of The Grotto and the original Tilted Towers. Be sure to jump into a game and explore the new POI, eliminate the IO-Brute and attempt to enter the Vault. Epic Games indeed has more content planned as Fortnite Chapter 3 continues. 

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