Fortnite: Weapon Changes, Removal of Tanks From Competitive

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Fortnite:  Weapon Changes, Removal of Tanks From Competitive

This morning, Epic Games announced changes to several weapons in Fortnite following player feedback. 

Chapter 3 Season 2 is underway, and the buzz has surrounded the game’s Zero Build game mode. Casuals have enjoyed this much-needed change as Epic single-handedly revitalized the game. Unfortunately, this narrowed focus from the player base overshadowed other issues in the game—primarily weapon-related concerns. 

Last season marked the debut of the Stinger SMG, which many felt was far too powerful. Epic slightly nerfed the Stinger in Chapter 3 Season 1, but it remained the go-to option for most players. The Stinger returned this season alongside the un-vaulted Combat SMG. Epic heard the concerns and publicized changes to numerous weapons, while also removing Titan Tanks from competitive playlists. 

ESTNN is here to break down all these changes and what they mean. 


Combat SMG, Stinger SMG, MK7 and Combat AR Nerfed

Epic deployed adjustments to four weapons in this latest development; the Stinger SMG, Combat SMG, MK-Seven Assault Rifle and Combat Assault Rifle. The former two are currently in the game, while the MK-Seven and Combat AR will soon debut in Chapter 3 Season 2. 

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Both SMGs became a topic of controversy because they were the two best close-range weapons. The Stinger and Combat variants trounce every Shotgun, especially in Zero Build mode, due to their fire rate and raw damage. Epic reduced the Stinger’s damage per second (DPS) by 5%, and the Combat received a 10% DPS reduction and a slight headshot multiplier reduction. The two weapons also deal less damage to player-built structures. 

Ideally, these changes will level the playing field from an SMG standpoint. We’ll have to see how these play out from a casual and competitive perspective. As for the MK-Seven and Combat AR—these two weapons will debut in-game soon. 

Tanks Removed from Fortnite Competitive

The entire competitive Fortnite player base breathed a sigh of relief with the second news item, Titan Tanks, have been removed from Arena Mode and tournaments. This decision follows the usual pre-season period before the Arena points reset, where Epic made no changes. 

It became evident that Tanks could not remain in competitive modes rather quickly. These massive vehicles are challenging to take down, destroy structures without much resistance, and break the game’s fundamental mechanics. Professional players made their opinions known from the outset, and Epic answered their concerns. 

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Cow Catcher Issues Remain 

The competitive season kicks off soon with the usual Cash Cup tournaments. Players would like to see the Cow Catcher mode adjusted before then. This new vehicle mode functions like a Crash Pad from previous seasons, where it destroys structure and grants a free shot if done correctly. Refer to the clip above to see the Cow Catcher’s true power. 

Epic recently teased that competitive Fortnite announcements are in the works. We’ll have to see if any additional adjustments come through as we await news regarding the Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS). 

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