Fortnite: Wave Esports Severs Ties With FNCS Champ Jur3ky Amid Physical Harm Threats

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Fortnite: Wave Esports Severs Ties With FNCS Champ Jur3ky Amid Physical Harm Threats

FNCS winner Jur3ky enters free agency amid controversial comments toward another player.

Austrian esports organization Wave Esports announced today that it cut ties with Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) Chapter 2 – Season 6 winner Jur3ky. The Croatian player inked a deal with Wave in April 2021 to compete under a controversial $0 USD “Academy” salary. Jur3ky proceeded to win Europe’s FNCS Axe of Champions—the prize given to only the best players in each season. However, some private messages leaked recently, landing Jur3ky in hot water. Now, he is a free agent after threatening another European pro with physical violence.

Private DMs Reveal Jur3ky Threatened to Break Another Player’s Fingers

Professional Fortnite player Ivan “x8” Travanov of Ovation Esports landed in Jur3ky’s sight lines after eliminating him in a trios custom match. The direct messages on Discord are rather alarming, and set a chain of events in motion that ultimately led to Jur3ky’s release. The Croatian player called X8 some harsh names, and some that unfortunately have become common in the Fortnite scene. What’s more, Jur3ky threatened X8 physical violence, considering the two were to appear in the same Fortnite zero ping bootcamp.

“Hopefully ur still there when I come to bootcamp. Ur getting ur hands broken so u can never play again,” wrote Jur3ky in the DMs. A player that made headlines for winning FNCS and wanting to pay off his parents debts is now the center of attention for all the wrong reasons.

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Wave Esports Cut Ties

Less than 24 hours after the concerning DMs surfaced, Wave decided to terminate Jur3ky, making him a free agent. The organization’s Chief Operating Officer — Ludwig “Luuu90” Kainz — released a more detailed statement on Reddit that goes beyond Jur3ky’s leaked messages.

In response to a comment that theorized Jur3ky orchestrated the situation for his own benefit, Kainz wrote, “There was also lots of old screenshots and clips which lead to this decision. Besides that ruining your reputation to get out of a contract is not something I would advise anyone. It can also lead to legal consequences if damages are caused through those actions.”

When asked if Jur3ky’s contract merely ran out or if Wave released him for the messages, the COO replied, “We had an agreement to shorten the contract, because we didn't want to “trap” him, but this early was not planned.”

The “trap” likely refers to the recent #FreeJur3ky movement that began because of “unfair contract terms.” Regardless, Jur3ky got what he wanted in the end, but undoubtedly not under his terms. The Croatian player did retweet the organization’s announcement, which confirms his release. However, he has not released a statement regarding the situation. We’ve reached out to Jur3ky for a comment, but he has not responded.

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We’ll have to wait and see what more occurs in this developing situation. Regardless, it appears that on the heels of becoming an FNCS Champion and winning $100K USD, Jur3ky is now reeling after some harmful private messages.

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