Fortnite: Vehicle Mods Rumored For Future Release

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Fortnite: Vehicle Mods Rumored For Future Release

Could BOTH car and weapon modifications be coming to Fortnite?

Fortnite: Battle Royale continues evolving with each passing season. Epic Games has found unique ways of working new mechanics, locations,  items, weapons and more into the game. Just this season, the developers introduced a new Sand Tunneling mechanic, giving movement around the map much more purpose. There’s no doubt that Epic has more tricks up their sleeve. A few months ago, several well-known Fortnite leakers revealed that the developers were working on a weapon modification mechanic, similar to Call of Duty with attachments.

Right when players thought the fun stopped there, the leakers struck again. Rumors have it that Epic Games is actively working on a vehicle modification option. If true, players could soon be modifying vehicles and weapons to make for a different experience.

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Car Attachments?

Fortnite leaker HYPEX was one of the first sources to detail Epic’s plans. It appears that car attachments may happen. Some of which would affect how vehicles drove on the many terrains in Fortnite. Additionally, we could see some mounted weapons on cars. HYPEX is typically true to his word, and it’s an exciting prospect.

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It took Epic many years to release drivable cars. Those turned out to be one of the best new additions to Fortnite. Allowing mountable weapons on vehicles would add an entirely new aspect to the game, keeping it new and fresh. Hopefully, Epic follows through with car and weapon modifications. It could offer a different dynamic for players to learn and master.

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