Fortnite Vaults Guide – Where to Find OP Vaults and 2 Keys

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Fortnite Vaults Guide – Where to Find OP Vaults and 2 Keys

The latest season of Fortnite brought a new battle Pass and POIs. However, it also brought some minor changes to the map. One of the biggest of these changes is the new vaults. At the same time, not a brand-new idea, Fortnite’s vaults in this season are quite a bit different from what the game has had before.

There are loads of Fortnite vault locations spread throughout the map, but you have to jump through some hoops to get them open.

The new Fortnite vaults are some of the best looting spots on the map. The superior version of the vault has enough gear to kit out a Duo in entirely high-tier items. There’s plenty of ammo. Even slurp for full shields. It’s an automatic way to get all of the loot you need in a single game. If you’re looking to streamline your looting this season, this Fortnite vault guide covers what you need to know about the latest version of the vaults.

Fortnite Vaults Guide

Fortnite Vaults Guide

The Fortnite Vaults have been added this season. These are dedicated spots on the map that contain a serious amount of loot. There are mythic chests, regular ones, chrome chests, loads of ammo, healing opportunities, and even multiple supply drops in the higher-tier vaults. Compared to previous versions of the vaults, they feel overpowered right now.

In the past Fortnite vaults were in IO structures. Openable by two people. That version in early Chapter 3 only had IO chests, with a limited pool of weapons. Before that, they were better with more varied loot, but you had to take down a boss character to even grab the keycard. These new versions are definitely an improvement.

There are quite a few Fortnite Vault locations on the map. The lower tier ones contain enough loot for a player or even two, with the higher tier containing everything you’d need for a game. They’re hidden slightly. Some are even buried underground in bunkers. However, the Fortnite vaults can be easily found and accessed once you have the keys.

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Fortnite Vaults Keys – How to Get Keys for the Vaults

Fortnite Vaults Guide

The new mechanic for opening up the latest version of the chests are Fortnite keys. These are a special item that’ll drop for players while they’re looting. Unlike previous seasons, they aren’t one of a kind. Most players will find a few in a game. You can only carry two at once. One key will open up the smaller vaults, while the larger ones will require two keys.

You can find these keys in general loot locations. That’s chests, toolkits, ammo boxes, but largely higher-tier chests are where you’ll mainly find them. You can also grab them off your opponents after you eliminate them. Unlike gold, these keys don’t carry over from game to game. Defeated enemies drop them.

You’re generally just going to get these from looting. However, it won’t take too long. They are pretty common loot. Once you get enough keys to open up a vault, a small icon appears on your map.

Fortnite Vault Locations

Fortnite Vaults Guide

These icons don’t make it entirely clear what type of vault it is. If you’re holding out for a high-tier vault, you might want to grab a car and do some searching. They also don’t show the opening to the vault. The new version of the Fortnite vaults can be pretty well hidden. Once you have the keys, you can see the icons on the map.

Once you've gotten enough keys, there should be one close enough to you. Although, not all of them are the higher tier loots with extra supply drops and higher tier geat. Some of them are the lower vaults.

It’s important to keep in mind that they’re kind of hidden in some places. Some of these vaults are right in the building. However, others take some work. If you can’t see the vault at the spot on the map, look around.

Fortnite Vaults Guide

They’re hidden in the ground itself sometimes, with logs or other scenery hiding their opening. Other times they’re on an airship, and you’ll need to use ziplines or launcher to get up there.

How to Use the Vault Keys

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 Patch Notes - KeysYou can get up to 3 keys at a time. Although, you can only use two at once. Once you’ve picked up one or two vault keys, you can head over to one of those Fortnite vault locations and use your key. It is simple to use them. This is how:

  • Get to the Vault entrance.
  • Go to the opening mechanism on the side of the door.
  • Interact with the use key button.
  • Hold until the key has been sued fully
  • Wait for door to open
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Once the vault is open, you’re free to run in and grab all of the loot you can carry. You can tell if you can use the vault or not pretty easily. Ones that take two will have two keyholes to interact with. Those that take one only take one.

What’s in the Fortnite Vaults?

Fortnite Vaults Guide

The new Fortnite vaults are a great spot to loot. What’s actually inside, though? There’s high-tier loot, but it breaks down a specific way. This is what you can expect to find in each of the Fortnite vaults:

  • Standard Chests – These are your normal chests, no different loot.
  • Mythic Chests – The special blue chests that give out high-tier weaponry like mythic or epic tier.
  • Ammo Boxes and Bags – These are all on racks, which means you can easily destroy them to open all of them at once.
  • Slurp Barrels – Perfect for making sure you’re at full shields and health when you leave.
  • Supply Drops – These are in higher tier vaults, without the balloons obviously.
  • Chrome Chests – Special chrome chests with their chrome-specific weaponry are in here too.
  • Mechanic Boxes – These boxes for vehicle mods are in here, too for some reason.

That’s what's inside. It’s enough to make sure you have everything you need in any match of Fortnite. The only thing to really watch out for is hiding players. If the vault location is already opened up, players are already taking advantage of their hidden nature. Make sure you’re not getting one-shotted when you head down the stairs! Be careful with open doors.

The Fortnite vaults are a great addition to the maps this season. Be sure to check them out when you grab enough keys in each match.

Fortnite Vaults Guide – Where to Find OP Vaults and 2 Keys
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