Fortnite V23.50 Patch Notes Hit the Game  

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Fortnite V23.50 Patch Notes Hit the Game  

The Fortnite V23.50 update is here; this is everything that’s changed in the last patch of the season!

Our final patch update for Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 has hit the game! This is a new patch, taking away the Most Wanted features but giving us plenty to be getting on with over the remaining days of the season. The Fortnite V23.50 update has brought a few decent changes to the game with some unvaulted items. It isn’t the biggest update since we’re at the very end of the season, but it’s not exactly an empty patch either.

Chapter 4 Season 1 has been a huge period for the game, with big updates and loads of crossovers going way past what we’d normally expect from a single season. Epic isn’t dropping the ball in the last week though. Things keep rolling. There are more Fortnite X Witcher quests to get through, and a new round of quests to unlock some free cosmetics.This is everything you have to play through for the final period of Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1. Everything that’s new with the Fortnite V23.50 patch notes.

Fortnite V23.50 Patch Notes

Cipher Quests and Rewards

The Fortnite Cipher Quests are a new feature and event that have come with this update. They last for a solid week, running up to March 7. Apparently though, despite just having a massive event, Epic thought we needed something to keep us busy for the single remaining week!The Fortnite Cipher quests let you unlock a few free Fortnite cosmetics, with a new one dropping each day along with new challenges. These are the new items you can get from completing the Cipher quests in Fortnite V23.50.

  •  Keep the Peace Spray – 7 Unencrypted Quests
  • Order Up Loading Screen – 15 Unencrypted Quests
  • Deciphered Emoticon – 24 Unencrypted Cipher Quests
  • Circuitry Wrap – 3 Encrypted Cipher Quests.

Each of these is going to be rewarded once you do enough of the supporting quests. That’s not everything in the patch though.

Unvaulted Items in Fortnite V23.50

Fortnite V23.50 Patch Notes

The last few weeks of each season are often when we get returning items popping back up in the game. Chapter 4 Season 1 is repeating this! It’s some odder guns this time around though. These are the unvaulted items in the Fortnite V23.50 patch notes.

  • Six Shooting
  • Hunting Rifle

The Six Shooter is a classic revolver. You get three shots, it’s a more powerful form of pistol. Infantry Rifle on the other hand is a classical hunting rifle. They both have gunplay which is a bit more realistic than you’ll usually see in Fortnite. The infantry rifle in particular has a lot of fans for rewarding great mechanics in-game.

These two items are going to be found in chests, ground floor, and even supply drops. You’ll need to make use of them in the Fortnite Cipher quests too. Players have loads of reasons to try and grab them whenever they can.

Witcher Update

How to Unlock Fortnite Geralt Skins

The Fortnite X Witcher quests have been active for a little while, letting you unlock Witcher-themed cosmetics. The second page is now unlocking though! You can find more quests here, with rewards like a second skin for Geralt and related cosmetics.

If you’re wondering about expiry dates, there’s something to keep in mind here. Usually, the bonus skin leaves along with the Battle Pass. That’s not the case this season though. We’ll have a little longer to complete the Witcher quests, provided you bought the Battle Pass for this season in the first place.

This is a bit unconventional for Fortnite. It might just be that Epic didn’t get around to putting Geralt in at the right time, so he has to stick around a little longer. It’s a good idea not to get too used to it though! There’s no guarantee Epic will handle next season’s skin in this way. We don’t even know what that is yet, but we have some ideas for the Battle Pass from Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 leaks.

Changes and Alteraitons in Fortnite V23.50

Those are the big headline new additions for the update. However, Epic has tinkered around with some things a bit too. These are the other changes they’ve made this season.

Oathbound Chests

Fortnite Chapter 4 Weekly Quests

These big white chests have been dropping some of the coolest items of the season. However, it does look likely that they’re going away at the end of the Season. That’s especially true with this change. Epic is changing the chest spawn rate from 70% to 100%. This means everywhere that can get an Oathbound chest is going to get one. It’s going to be worth keeping this in mind when you’re landing and picking spots to go. These Oathbound chests will now always be in position. For those smaller buildings which had two spawns, these are going to become pretty good landing spots for a few weeks.

Reality Augments

Fortnite V23.30 Patch Notes - Augments - Mythic Pistol

Epic is making it easier to unlock the new Reality Augments! This is the second time they’ve made an adjustment like this. It’s now pretty quick to get offered a new Augment that you don’t already have.The thinking behind this change is probably going to be unlocking everything before the next season. We’ll likely see new Reality Augments or even some removals with the Season 2 update. This change is going to mean that players have chance to play around with all of Season 1’s Reality Augments, no matter when they were added. Everyone should have all of them by the time we move on.

Rift-Jector Seat Re-Enabled

Fortnite V23.30 Patch Notes - Rift-jecktor seat

The Rift Rejector seat has been re-enabled in-game! This is going to be available once again. It was originally turned off because of bugs, not because of being obnoxious in fights. It probably isn’t going to be available in competitive though, as it has never been added into that game mode.

Those are all of the big changes in Fortnite V23.50. This being the final update it makes sense it’s a bit smaller. We’ve still got new weapons, free cosmetics, and big changes to the general balance between things like chest spawn rates getting ratcheted up to 100. We’ve only got a brief time to have fun with Season 1’s exclusive content, so make the most of it!

Fortnite V23.50 Patch Notes Hit the Game  
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