Fortnite: Thor’s Hammer Touches Ground Ahead Of New Season

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Fortnite: Thor’s Hammer Touches Ground Ahead Of New Season

Thor’s hammer is now available to see in Fortnite: Battle Royale.

Fortnite: Battle Royale is officially crossing over into the world of Marvel Comics. This partnership has taken flight before with the Avengers: Endgame Limited Time Mode back in 2019. Additionally, Fortnite has not been shy about releasing Marvel-themed character skins. Captain America, Black Widow and Starlord have all earned their rightful place in Fortnite's expansive item shop catalog. Deadpool also appeared in Chapter 2 – Season 2, where he claimed The Yacht location from Meowscles. Deadpool was also one of last season's primary selling points.

Epic Games is now doubling down on the Marvel crossover for the upcoming Chapter 2 – Season 4 release. Teaser began much earlier in Season 3, with famous Fortnite leakers hinting that Marvel will take center stage in Season 4. Just three days ago, we released an article detailing what we know so far about Fortnite's newest season. Since then, a lot has changed, and we have all the updates.

Thor's Hammer Arrives in Fortnite

As expected and teased in multiple in-game comics, Thor takes the lead as Marvel integrates itself into Fortnite. The comics themselves are building a storyline that bridges the Marvel universe and Fortnite. With supervillain Galactus' invasion imminent, Thor attempts to warn the likes of Jonesy and Kit after arriving on the Fortnite map. Thor briefly loses his hammer, Mjolnir, spawning the screenshot above.

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Where You Can Find Thor's Hammer

Players can navigate to the Salty Springs area of the map to find the crater created by Thor's hammer. Also present is a countdown, which leads into the debut of Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 4 on August 27. Epic Games will likely deploy some more teases with three days remaining before the new season.

More Marvel Characters?

There's a whole lot to digest with this unprecedented Fortnite and Marvel crossover. Fortnite leaks have not indicated if any other Marvel characters will appear next season, similar to Thor's prominence. However, some leaks hint toward the presence of Iron Man, Hulk and possibly even Wolverine. The rumor mill, according to famed Fortnite leaker HYPEX indicates that Groot will be a battle pass skin. Fortnite's Marvel-themed season is just a few days away.

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