Fortnite: The Winning Formula — How TaySon Won $150K And The FNCS All-Star Title

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Fortnite: The Winning Formula — How TaySon Won $150K And The FNCS All-Star Title

ESTNN analyzes the outstanding FNCS All-Star Showdown winning performance of GUILD TaySon.

Professional Fortnite player Tai “GUILD TaySon” Starčič solidified himself as perhaps the best of all time after securing his third Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) title in the last four seasons. He squared off against 99 of the European region’s best competitors in the $3M FNCS All-Star Showdown and managed to battle through adversity en route to a historical result. TaySon’s masterful performance will go into the Fortnite history books because it had a bit of everything. TaySon and his in-game coach — DestinysJesus — combined into one special force of Fortnite expertise that ensured he would not lose.

We had the chance to review all of TaySon’s matches in the tournament. The footage revealed precisely how a solo Fortnite players should conduct themselves in stacked lobbies. Let’s take a look at the winning formula of TaySon’s FNCS All-Star Showdown performance.

Consistently Uncontested & Ideal Loot

An in-game screen featuring Tayson making his way toward a loot stash. The mini map appears in the right corner with an arrow pointing to it. Above the arrow are the words "Unconstested Orchard Drop"

It’s no surprise that luck plays heavily into Fortnite tournaments. TaySon had the luxury of not having to fight a single opponent at The Orchard, his chosen drop spot. The eventual winner landed comfortably in all six games and was able to loot freely. However, while landing uncontested is always a positive factor, inventories are equally important.

Here is a game-by-game breakdown of TaySon’s loadout in the FNCS All-Star Showdown Finals:

  • Game 1: Legendary Bolt Action Sniper, Common Assault Rifle, Six Mini Shield Potions, Rare Pump Shotgun, Two Peppers, a Launch Pad and 120 Builds
  • Game 2: Common Assault Rifle, Rare Pump Shotgun, Three Shield Potions, One Flopper, Six Mini Shield Potions and 133 Builds
  • Game 3: Uncommon Assault Rifle, Uncommon Tactical Shotgun, 12 Mini Shield Potions, 1 Shield Potion, 1 Launch Pad and 120 Builds
  • Game 4: Rare Assault Rifle, 4 Peppers, Epic Tactical Shotgun, 1 Mini Shield Potion, 3 Shield Potions and 124 Builds
  • Game 5: 6 Mini Shield Potions, Uncommon Pump Shotgun, Rare Assault Rifle, 1 Shield Potion, 2 Peppers, 2 Launch Pads and 129 Builds
  • Game 6: Chug Canon, 6 Mini Shield Potions, Uncommon Tactical Shotgun, Uncommon Assault Rifle, 150 Builds
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TaySon always had shields, almost maximum materials and usually either a Launch Pad or Peppers for effortless late-game rotations. These are the building blocks to a successful tournament run, but still just a tiny portion.

Favorable Zones & Smart Movement

TaySon’s early-game Storm Circle pulls leaned in his favor. He had four favorable first zones out of six matches, which allowed him to complete his loot path and protected him from rotating long distances. While trucks and cars make rotations much simpler, TaySon never had to over-extend himself to reach the next circle. The three-time Champ always managed to find a Launch Pad in those challenging late-game situations.

Reviewing TaySon’s six games showed how confident he was with his rotations. He rarely seemed unsure of what to do in certain situations and used what the map gave him. While the zone aspect is heavy on luck, TaySon handled the few challenging storm circles well and helped him immensely.

Refarming Materials & Key Refreshes

An in-game screen of Tayson showing him looting the fallen corpse of Noahreyli
We've noticed that TaySon tends to build a base where he could comfortably farm whatever materials he was using. For example, TaySon rotated out of The Orchard in game two utilizing a truck and built a structure on a bridge. He used wood for the base and farmed that same resource on the bridge while looking for Storm Surge damage. This aspect may seem obvious, but it also shows attention to detail.

Without sufficient building materials, your game is as good as over in high-level Fortnite. TaySon did his best to ensure he always had maximum materials for rotations and box fighting. He also took advantage of eliminated players nearby. Vadeal and Noahreyli (pictured above) both fell to other opponents in game two. TaySon was close by and gathered maximum materials, two Launch Pads and a Chug Canon from those downed players without putting himself at risk.

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The European region’s best players are notorious for mindlessly w-keying others in unnecessary situations. TaySon did the opposite and remained patient throughout the finals. It’s sort of an intangible quality because you can’t precisely quantify a patient player. TaySon never over peaked or jumped into boxes when it wasn’t necessary.

Instead, he conserved materials, consistently looked for Storm Surge damage and stayed a step ahead of the moving zones. The top players are so commonly heralded for their ability to compile eliminations. TaySon proved that picking battles in high-level competitions can lead to success.

Storm Surge Damage

An in-game screen showing Tayson's damage as 92 above the threshold
Staying active and looking for Storm Surge damage is an absolute must in competitive Fortnite. This mechanic is specific to tournament play, where players must be actively landing shots on others to avoid taking intermittent damage when Storm Surge turns on. TaySon produced a masterful effort in the FNCS Solo Finals. He consciously looked for Storm Surge opportunities and never fell below the damage threshold.

Despite consistently staying above, TaySon remained active and never felt too comfortable. His efforts paid dividends for his eventual win. It was a remarkable performance, and all competitive players should take note of TaySon’s efforts.

The Winning Moment

Despite what many may think, the tournament was very much in the air heading into the final moments. Rising star Veno remained atop the leaderboard throughout most of the competition. The final sprint in game six pitted the two against each other, but TaySon’s aim earned him the FNCS title. It was an emphatic conclusion to one of the most exciting tournaments of the year.

TaySon’s ability to not break under pressure essentially won him the $150K USD grand prize and the best current Fortnite player title.

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