Fortnite: The Mero Cronus Zen Drama Explained

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Fortnite: The Mero Cronus Zen Drama Explained

ESTNN explains the recent competitive Fortnite drama surrounding five-time FNCS Champion Mero.

The Cronus Zen an aim assist enhancer for those who aren’t aware. Many players across various titles have purchased this device to gain a definite edge over the competition. The Cronus Zen’s primary function is an adapter, which allows you to use any controller on the platform. However, buried beneath the Zen’s marketing material is an undetectable cheat used by hundreds of players. 

Fortnite has become a breeding ground for Cronus Zen accusations. Extraordinary controller players, both past and present, have stood accused of “Zenning” at some point throughout their career. Still, it’s safe to say none of the accused parties were five-time FNCS Champions. That precise situation unfolded early this morning following leaked messages. 

Leaked DMs Allege Mero Keeping Zen Use Under Wraps

 NA West professional Fortnite player Nathan “Reet” Amundson published a tweet after midnight containing curious leaked Discord messages. While the context is challenging to decipher, the statements are between NA East competitors Mero and Peterbot—the former being a five-time Fortnite Champion. 

The discord screen caps where mero appears to be discussing Cronus Zen

Mero threatens Peterbot to “keep ur [sic] mouth shut” when referencing “the zen thing.” Furthermore, the NA East standout says, “I can’t get banned for it since there’s nothing on my PC.” Peterbot added, “they don’t have proof or anything. It’s impossible for anything to happen.”

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Reet’s Twitter post picked up steam rapidly as several highly-regarded players in the scene responded. Again, it’s not a straightforward message to decrypt, but it seems Mero is advising Peterbot not to talk about the Cronus Zen while allegedly blackmailing him in the process. 

Mero Responds with a Twitlonger

Mero woke up to a call from his FNCS-winning teammate and Fortnite World Champion Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf. The sudden drama prompted a response from Mero, which he delivered via a Twitlonger an hour after Reet’s tweet. In the statement, Mero wrote that he does not cheat, and there’s proof in recent vlogs from Team New Age (TNA). The five-time FNCS Champion added that people have checked his PC in the past and have found no trace of Cronus Zen scripts or software. 

To conclude his post, Mero welcomed the idea of someone watching him play a tournament live to prove no wrongdoing. Mero did not acknowledge the leaked DMs or Reet’s message but fielded questions after releasing his statement. He responded to one user that asked about the context of his DMs, to which Mero wrote, “me basically just saying there’s nothing on my pc and i cant get banned for something i’m not doing.”

PSG TNA Supports Mero, Others Remain Skeptical

Team New Age co-founder Aaron “Kirsh” Kirsh stood behind Mero, stating that he’s walked into Mero’s room multiple times and found no evidence of cheating. Fellow PSG TNA member Muz also stood by Mero, saying he “Zen checked” Mero twice. Meanwhile, the response drew support from some and skepticism from others. There’s ultimately no clarity to the situation. 

It’s impossible to say for sure that Mero is cheating without proof. Everything framed as proof is purely circumstantial. Mero did confirm that the DMs are accurate, and while the context and explanation are questionable, painting Mero as a Cronus Zen user is unfair. The accusation alone could tarnish the careers of an outstanding player. 

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Reet Deletes Leaked DMs, Mero Furthers Explanation

Reet has since deleted his tweets, explaining that it was a “bad screenshot and taken out of context.” The NA West player added that Epic will never look into anyone cheating. Therefore, he took down the tweet. 

Mero posted more proof in the early morning hours, including official Team New Age blogs featuring himself and stating his plans to stream every tournament with a hand camera until people believe he’s not cheating. 

Ultimately, Epic Games has not been able to crack down on Cronus Zen users, and it seems every top controller player nowadays endures similar accusations. Mero wants to show that he’s innocent. We’ll have to see if he streams with a hand camera as Fortnite tournaments kick off this week. 

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