Fortnite: Tfue Bests Ninja in Competitive Duo Scrims

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Fortnite: Tfue Bests Ninja in Competitive Duo Scrims

Tfue and Ninja’s competitive history adds another chapter.

In the age-old tale of Tyler “Ninja” Blevins versus Turner “Tfue” Tenney, we’ve seen each gain an upper-hand on the other. This rivalry started years ago, and it is one of the first of its kind in Fortnite. When these two players cross each other’s paths in-game, it typically spawns a clickbait YouTube video title for the victor. In recent months, Ninja and Tfue have both been working hard to improve their competitive gameplay. They each became a part of successful Fortnite Champion Series rosters.

Epic Games recently released details regarding a Winter Royale 2019 duos tournament. This event will occur over three days and offers up a $15M USD prize pool. Naturally, Ninja and Tfue are back on the competitive grind to prepare for this event.


Now that duos have returned to competitive Fortnite, Ninja is partnering up with a long-time friend, Malachi “Reverse2k” Greiner. Tfue has chosen, at this time, to not reconnect with former partner Dennis “Cloakzy” Lepore. He instead is trying out different players to decide on a compatible match. Up first for Tfue is a player by the name of A1 Scoped. Scoped has seen some success in Cash Cups and even made it to the NA East FNCS Finals. Both Ninja and Reverse2k, along with Tfue and Scoped queued into competitive duo scrims late on December 10th to ready themselves for the challenge ahead.

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Tfue/Scoped vs. Ninja/Reverse2k

These two duos crossed paths outside of Retail Row. Ninja and Reverse2k built up on the edge of the storm and noticed two players rotating in after them. It was at this point where Tfue got into a boat with intentions of not engaging in a fight. Ninja posed the question of whether he and Reverse2k should w-key the two players after firing upon them. Tfue shot a rocket at Reverse2k, which prompted the Team SoloMid player to make a move.

As Reverse2k approached Tfue, Scoped took the opportunity to gain height and proceeded to drain Reverse2k’s shields. He then asked, “what is this kid doing? They want to fight on edge?” Both Ninja and Reverse2k retreated to the ground and began boxing themselves in. Tfue and Scoped took advantage and engaged in box fighting with their opponents. Ninja was unable to defend himself against Tfue, and the same went for Reverse2k against Scoped.

Reverse2k and Ninja were frustrated at the situation and reflected upon it after losing the 2v2. “I hate duos. I don’t even want to player comp,” said Reverse2k as Ninja was analyzing what went wrong. Ninja responded with, “We’re learning a valuable lesson, and that is when we sh*t on kids, we push them.” Reverse2k came back with, “They just pushed us for no reason. We suck.” Ninja then ended his stream for the night after saying he likely won’t be able to practice for the next five days.

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Tfue and Scoped reflected positively on the situation. Scopes identified that they just eliminated Reverse2k and Ninja. “I pick-axed Reverse by accident,” said Scoped to which Tfue laughed and jokingly called him toxic.“They can’t catch a break dude,” responded Tfue as the two continued in the match.

Falling Action

This loss at the hands of Tfue will undoubtedly bother Ninja for a bit. Regardless of the amount of money Ninja makes, he is a competitor at heart. Many will brush off his skills in Fortnite as average, but he made it to the FNCS Finals and placed inside the top-10. Ninja’s improvement over the last few months is an indication that his competitive fire is still there. This rivalry with Tfue is one of the constants that remains in competitive Fortnite. We can fully expect Tfue to upload a video reasonably soon with the usual clickbait title referencing his elimination of Ninja. These sorts of rivalries are what competitive Fortnite needs to.

Neither Ninja nor Tfue has provided any additional commentary on their in-game battle. This encounter likely won’t be the last time that Tfue and Ninja cross each other’s paths heading into the Winter Royale 2019. Let’s hope that it will be as exciting as the encounters that we’ve seen in the past.

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