Winter Royale 2019 Prizes, Rules and Dates Revealed

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Winter Royale 2019 Prizes, Rules and Dates Revealed

Get ready to queue into the $15M USD Winter Royale 2019 tournament!

Now that the Chapter 2 Season 1 Championship is over, it is time to move on to the next professional Fortnite event. That just so happens to be a three day $15M USD duo Winter Royale 2019 event. Epic Games announced the Winter Royale’s return only last week before the commencement of the FNCS Finals. Although the Fortnite developers were sparse on the details, professional players and the collective community responded positively to the return of duos. Prospective competitors can begin practicing today as the Arena Duos playlist is available on all platforms.

Console Playability

Epic Games is staying true to the current format of Platform Cash Cup tournaments, meaning that players on PC will have their tournament. The same applies to players on Nintendo Switch and Mobile, as well as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Adapting this format makes sense, considering that many within the competitive community enjoyed the distinction between competitors on different consoles. Players across all five of the previously mentioned platforms will compete for a piece of the $5M USD per day.

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The Winter Royale 2019 will NOT require players to achieve Champion’s Division in Arena Duos to participate in the three-day event. You must be at least 13 years of age to participate in the competition.

Rules and Format

One of the most exciting takeaways from the bombshell dropped by Epic Games is the different scoring system per day. Although somewhat controversial, this decision by the competitive teams will force a strategic approach from each duo. Each session will occur over a four-hour timespan where duos could queue into 15 matches at most. The differing daily scoring system is as follows:

Day One

Victory Royale: 15 Points

Each Elimination: 1 Point

Day one will produce one of the most compelling competitive experiences for players. This scoring system essentially renders placement points useless unless a duo earns the Victory Royale. In addition to that, teams will need to rely heavily on eliminations to move them up the leaderboard. We can expect to see a lot of w-keying early and a lot of turtling late so that teams can maximize potential points.

Day Two

Victory Royale: 60 Points

2nd – 3rd: 50 Points

4th – 7th: 45 Points

8th – 12th: 40 Points

13th – 25th: 25 Points

26th – 35th: 15 Points

36th – 50th: 5 Points

Each Elimination: 5 Points

Day two follows a ramped up scoring system compared to what we usually see in Fortnite competitions. This format will reward a mixture of w-keying and a safe strategy seeing that a win will yield 60 points. A 120 point game will not be out of the question considering that 12 eliminations and a Victory Royale are entirely possible. We recently saw some high-point games at the DreamHack Winter 2019 tournament, where the winning score was 329 points.

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Day Three

Victory Royale: 10 Points

2nd – 3rd: 7 Points

4th – 7th: 5 Points

8th – 12th: 3 Points

Each Elimination: 1 Point

Day three’s scoring system reverts to a 10-point Victory Royale and one point per elimination. It will also offer a variety of points for placement beginning at 12th place. The typical strategies may not change much from the norm that we see now in competitive Fortnite tournaments. It will undoubtedly be interesting to see how duos decide to approach each day.


As mentioned earlier, the $15M USD prize pool will affect all featured regions and platforms across all three days. This prizing method essentially means that the NA East Xbox One/PS4 tournament will have a completely separate prize pool from NA East PC and NA East Mobile/Switch. These prize pools usually take into account the number of players per region. For that reason, Europe tops the prize money payouts with as much as $9K USD per day to the winning duo. Prizes vary depending on the region, but participants still stand to gain a lot of money if they are to perform well.

Fortnite’s Winter Royale 2019 will begin on December 20th and end of December 22nd.

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