Fortnite: Team Liquid’s Owner Reveals that Mitr0 Earns $100K per Year

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Fortnite: Team Liquid’s Owner Reveals that Mitr0 Earns $100K per Year

An interview with Victor Goossens of Team Liquid revealed a shocking salary for one of Fortnite's best players.

Many Fortnite fans and fellow professionals players recognize Dmitri “mitr0” Van de Vrie as one of the best players in the world. The 17-year-old Netherlands native has proven his ability time and time again. Mitr0 can adapt to each season's playstyle like only a few can and consistently ranks at the top in both earnings and tournament results. Competing out of the European region, mitr0 often goes head to head with many of the best players in multiple different formats. He's excelled in solos, duos, trios and squads throughout various seasons.

Team Liquid recognized this and signed mitr0 purely for his competitive nature and not necessarily for his content or rigorous streaming schedule. In a recent interview with a Dutch publication, Team Liquid's founder and co-owner Victor Goossens revealed some insight as to mitr0's contract details.

Contract Issue and Departure from Team Atlantis

Mitr0 signed a contract with Team Atlantis back July of 2018 and stuck with them through his increase in popularity as a Fortnite player. Despite having an agreement with his former organization, several players across the Fortnite community launched a #Freemitr0 campaign to free him from a presumably unfavorable contract. Team Atlantis eventually granted this request, and mitr0 hit the free-agent market. The young Dutch player quickly became the hottest commodity on the market. After leaving his first-ever esports organization, mitr0 waited for the right opportunity to sign with another team. Although content is not necessarily his forte, mitr0 still possesses over 400K followers on Twitter and the same in subscribers on YouTube. In short, people are well aware of mitr0, which adds a lot of value to his name.

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Signing with Team Liquid

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The rumor mill began soon after mitr0 left Team Atlantis, but many wondered where he would bring his talents. After four months of weighing his options, mitr0 landed with Team Liquid, which is one of the more reputable organizations in Fortnite. An interesting tidbit in this situation is that, despite beginning in the Netherlands, Team Liquid had never brought in a European Fortnite player. Their arrival on the European scene sent shockwaves across the Fortnite community. Since signing with Team Liquid, mitr0 has found success in Solo Cash Cup tournaments and just won the week three Fortnite Champion Series qualifier with duo partner Crr. Although questions of salary and earnings often aren't a matter of public record in esports, many people wonder just how much a player can earn playing Fortnite.

Victor Goossens Speaks on mitr0

Victor Goossens Team Liquid
Image via Team Liquid.


In an interview with the Dutch website deVolkskrant, Team Liquid's founder and co-owner Victor Goossens detailed the inner-workings of his organization. Goossens referenced mitr0 when discussing how he no longer coaches players but makes an exception for the 17-year-old. The Team Liquid founder described mitr0 as “a little introverted, just like I was at his age,” comparing himself to mitr0 as a former professional gamer.

Goossens identifies with the situation of mitr0's mother, who wants to understand his passion and dedication to be the best at Fortnite. “I say it can help her get into the world of Fortnite. To see even more that the game is something her son can get social contacts from. What he can grow from as a person.” Those familiar with mitr0 will know very well that he is far from an introvert in-game. His personality stands out and in Fortnite as a great communicator and a fascinating trash talker.

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Contract Reveal

The article proceeded to reference the earning capabilities of those within the realm of Fortnite. “Dmitri already has an ‘agent' and signed with Team Liquid for more than a ton a year. Other teams offered more, but Dmitri and his mother would have felt comfortable with a team so close to home.” For those unfamiliar with the term a ton, it is common in the Dutch vernacular that ton equals $100K in some form of money. Whether that be US dollars or Euros is unclear, but it gives interest insight into mitr0's yearly salary.

This surprising revelation puts in perspective just how much esports organizations like Team Liquid are willing to payout for an exceptional talent like mitr0. There is almost no base for comparison to fellow professional players like Benjy “benjyfishy” Fish or Kyle “Mongraal' Jackson, respectively of NRG and FaZe Clan. Both players mirror mitr0 in terms of popularity and are the cream of the crop in the European scene. If a player like mitr0 who does not often stream or upload YouTube videos with regularity can pull in $100K per year, what are other top player's earning in competitive Fortnite?

Although it's difficult to accurately predict how much these talented Fortnite players are pulling in, mitr0's contract provides a frame of reference of just how much value exists in Fortnite. Team Liquid prides itself on championships and rostering the best players across multiple different competitive games. Looking at mitr0's past accomplishments and what his future could hold, it's hard to argue with their decision to acquire the Netherlands native at such a hefty cost.

Source: delVolkskrant

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