Fortnite Stream Snipers Troll Ninja with ‘Mixer’ Structure

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Fortnite Stream Snipers Troll Ninja with ‘Mixer’ Structure

Ninja, CouRageJD, SypherPK and DrLupo encountered witty stream snipers in Fortnite.

Gaming icon Tyler “Ninja” Blevins has quite a history with stream snipers. In the early days, most people with any knowledge of Fortnite Battle Royale know what we are talking about. There's the infamous incident where Ninja incorrectly identified “IcyFive” as a stream sniper despite the player's claims to the contrary

Quite frankly, stream sniping comes with the content creation territory. That sentiment applies explicitly to someone like Ninja—who was undoubtedly the world's popular gamer for a lengthy period. While stream sniping is usually a malicious act, some offenders approach it from a light-hearted standpoint. 

Case and point is a hilarious encounter that occurred in a recent stream involving Ninja, Jack “CouRageJD” Dunlop, Ben “DrLupo” Lupo and Ali “SypherPK” Hassan. The four players and thousands of viewers had a laugh at Ninja's expense. 

Stream Sniper Trolls Ninja with “Mixer” Building

The OG Fortnite gang reunited to play public matches in Chapter 3 Season 1. Streams of this kind offer a blast from the past, considering Ninja, DrLupo, SypherPK and Courage were all involved in Fortnite's golden years. The squad knows how to joke and troll one another, but clever stream snipers injected themselves into the equation this time. 

A clip captured and posted by esports personality Jake Lucky depicts what went down during a Fortnite match. Ninja, Lupo, Sypher and Courage were vibing in-game before stumbling across a curious structure. Upon closer inspection, it became clear that a group of stream snipers spelled out “Mixer” in wooden pieces. 

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The group, not including Ninja, laughed at the situation immediately. Their reaction prompted Ninja to flex with the “Make It Rain” emote before giggling to himself. It was a fun moment amongst friends to witness. 

What Does the Meme Mean?

For those who don't understand the reference, Ninja signed a record-breaking deal with the now-defunct Mixer streaming platform . The agreement, which was worth reportedly $50M USD, made Ninja undoubtedly the highest-paid content creator at the time. 

He spent less than a year with Mixer before Microsoft shut the streaming website down. Now, despite Ninja's return to Twitch following a historic buyout, Mixer remains a running joke. Ninja is usually a good sport about Mixer-related banter—whether it comes from his group of friends or third-party individuals. The Fortnite legend ultimately had the last laugh, considering he received a full contract payout from Mixer. Still, the jokes filter through now and again as a constant reminder of the Mixer era. 

Ninja currently streams Fortnite daily on Twitch to tens of thousands. You can undoubtedly expect funny moments like this and more when the likes of Courage and SypherPK are in the mix. 

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