Fortnite Star Wars Lightsaber Pickaxes Potentially Leaked

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Fortnite Star Wars Lightsaber Pickaxes Potentially Leaked

It looks like Fortnite Star Wars Lightsabers could be returning if new leaks are to be believed.

Only a few days remain until Star Wars Day. What once began as a cheeky “May The 4th Be With You” joke has rapidly spiraled into a full-blown celebration. Fans worldwide utilize May 4 to commemorate the legendary franchise. These celebrations have even occurred in Fortnite Battle Royale, where you can play as Rey, Kyle Ren and even Boba Fett. Rumors recently surfaced regarding a Fortnite x Star Wars collaboration to celebrate Star Wars Day this year.

While Epic Games has yet to confirm these theories, the fandom and many Fortnite leakers are positive. It’s unclear what we should expect next week if and when the update drops, but a well-known leaker revealed more intel regarding the crossover event. Fortnite players might be able to wield a lightsaber pickaxe next week.

HYPEX Deduces Potential Lightsaber Pickaxe

Fortnite's fans have campaigned for a lightsaber pickaxe since the first crossover in 2020. That could become a reality, according to famed Fortnite leaker HYPEX. He published a tweet earlier today where he theorized a potential lightsaber harvesting tool as part of the Star Wars Day update.

“We *MIGHT* get a lightsaber pickaxe next update. An hour ago Epic hotfixed the text ‘Fulfill Your Destiny!’ from the 2019 Star Wars shop rotation to ‘Multiple swing styles!’, and it's pretty obvious that this is gonna be for a pickaxe.”

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The developers have not confirmed the rumored Star Wars Day celebration. However, HYPEX and several other leakers are sure this will arrive in the next Fortnite update. If true, the latest collaboration and supposed lightsaber pickaxe would be the perfect setup for next season’s rumored Darth Vader appearance.

We’ll have to wait and see what Epic Games has planned next week, if anything at all. Stay tuned to ESTNN, and we’ll keep you updated!