Fortnite: Season X Champion Stompy Joins Team Vitality

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Fortnite: Season X Champion Stompy Joins Team Vitality

Former E11 Gaming Fortnite player Stompy has signed with a new organization.

Klaus “Stompy” Konstanzer parted ways with Canada-based organization E11 Gaming last month. He spent over a year with E11, and his decision to leave made him one of the top free-agents on the European scene. It took some time and searching for Stompy, but the Austrian native has officially signed with one of Europe’s top esports organizations.

Team Vitality Acquires Stompy

Earlier this morning, French organization Team Vitality announced their signing of the seven-time Fortnite World Cup Qualifier on their official Twitter account. Vitality has added another strong player to their roster after recently acquiring veterans Airwaks and Nikof. Stompy teamed up with former duo partner Thomas “Tschinken” Horak and current duo partner David “aqua” Wang for trios in Fortnite Season X. Stompy, Tschinken and aqua collectively won $600K USD and became the Season X FNCS Champions. This accomplishment is just one of many for Stompy, who has remained one of Europe’s best players for a long time.

Vitality Elevates its Already Expansive Roster

Several notable organizations have been exiting Fortnite left and right. This long list includes the likes of Fnatic and Na’Vi. Team Secret also withdrew from Fortnite over the weekend and released its entire roster. Competitive Fortnite is often a volatile situation, and no two days are similar. Some organizations like Vitality have a lot of resources invested in Fortnite. Their active roster features nine of the best across all of European Fortnite. Vitality may have a different overall perspective on Fortnite than other organizations. Stompy is one of Europe’s best, and he continues to prove this with a recent fourth-place finish alongside aqua in the Chapter 2 Season 2 FNCS.

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This signing is all business for Stompy, who already qualified for the upcoming FNCS Invitational. The young Austrian will now represent Team Vitality for the foreseeable future. An FNCS Invitational victory would be an outstanding achievement as the new guy under Vitality's banner.

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