Fortnite Pros Call For Stinger SMG Nerf Or Removal

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Fortnite Pros Call For Stinger SMG Nerf Or Removal

Professional Fortnite players are not happy with the current competitive landscape due to one powerful weapon.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 represented a new era for a game four years after its initial release. Epic Games answered fans' prayers across the globe, introducing a completely new map, mechanics and weapons. The season objectively is enjoyable; it has everything that players could want out of a renewed Fortnite experience.

However, certain aspects of the new season have drawn criticism from competitive players. Some top talents believe the Spider-Man's Web-Shooters should not be in the loot pool. While that belief is not unanimous, the vast majority are nervous about a particular weapon that has completely changed the way competitors approach competitive Fortnite.

Pros Say the Stinger SMG Should Go

The Stinger SMG weapon available in Fortnite Chapter 3

The weapon in question — the Stinger SMG — is the upper-echelon of Chapter 3's current tier list. It shreds through builds, shields and health with a frighteningly high damage per second (DPS) and fire rate. Not one person who has played this season can argue the power it possesses. Perhaps the most significant school of players with that belief is the top tier.

G2 Esports player Mack “MackWood” Aesoph took to Twitter with an all-caps tirade regarding the Stinger. He included a clip of himself and duo partner Logan “NRG Bucke” Eschenburg sending two opponents to the lobby with relentless SMG fire. MackWood is just one of many other competitors who feel the same way.

Six-time Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) winner Shane “NRG EpikWhale” Cotton called for an SMG nerf in response to a tweet from a fellow competitor “Liquid STRETCH,” who referenced how often EpikWhale plays Fortnite on average. That average has dropped this season and the six-time champ points toward the SMG.

Last but not least, three-time FNCS winner and two-time ESTNN player of the year – Tai “Falcon TaySon” Starčič – theorized that Chapter 3 Season 1 is the “worst ever.” Most competitive players share a similar sentiment and are calling for a change. The small sample size of tournaments should offer enough evidence for those against the weapon.

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A nerf is certainly not out of the question, but an outright removal is not realistic. The developers want to keep as many new items in the competitive loot pool as possible. Epic has done an excellent job balancing competitive play to ensure a level playing field in the past. With Fortnite's first set of Cash Cups to begin this week, we'll have to see whether Epic addresses these concerns or not.

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