Fortnite: Pro Player Avery Forces STRETCH & Saf To Play FNCS After Split With Bugha

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Fortnite: Pro Player Avery Forces STRETCH & Saf To Play FNCS After Split With Bugha

More trio drama unfolds in the NA East region between C9 Avery, Liquid STRETCH and Saf.

Team changes have begun ahead of Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) Chapter 2 – Season 7, and the drama has made the lead-in interesting. A domino effect occurred after two-time FNCS Champions Malachi “Reverse2k” Greiner, Mero and Deyy suddenly split. The two talented controller players decided to combine forces with Fortnite World Cup winner Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf, who left a team that included Cloud9’s Avery and nosh with minimal options.

In the wake of once again having Bugha strand him on an island, Avery spoke out against the World Cup Champion. He subsequently made a painful decision to rejoin Liquid STRETCH and Rocco “Saf” Morales—two players that moved on from Avery last season.

Avery to NOT Disband Chapter 2 – Season 6 Trio

This situation gets a bit dicey, primarily because Avery is essentially forcing his way into a top-tier trio, given his current status. After Bugha chose to leave, Avery knew it would be next to impossible to find another team that could contend for the Axe of Champions. He announced his decision on Twitter, much to the displeasure of former teammates STRETCH and Saf.

“With bugha snaking im gonna be left with no trio and no option and im not gonna just have a mediocre season with a trio I wont perform in so I will not be disbanding our trio for grands it was never gonna come down to this since I never expected bugha to snake,” he wrote.

Bugha has famously left Avery multiple times over the last two seasons. However, the timing left him no choice but to stick with STRETCH and Saf after the two mutually split from Avery after finished third in Chapter 2 – Season 6. He continued his statement on the situation,

“I feel bad for doing this I understand if stretch or saf end up not playing grand finals I wouldnt blame them I just dont have any other options available like I said idk im just lost getting snaked by bugha once again after 1 cc [Cash Cup].”

Automatic Grand Finals Qualification Rule

An orange FNCS shield logo appears over the words "Fortnite Champion Series" on a purple background with white and orange lines shooting diagonally upwards.

For those who might be confused by this situation, I’ll try to explain. While STRETCH and Saf intended to team with Leon “BBG Khanada” Khim this season, Avery must agree to disband the team. Since he has chosen not to, STRETCH and Saf must either play with Avery or sit out FNCS Chapter 2 – Season 7. Here is the rule in question per Epic Games.

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“If you wish to disband your trio, you and your teammates must fill out the official disband form no later than August 16. Alternatively, if you wish to stay with your trio and compete in the FNCS Qualifiers instead, you and your entire trio will still need to fill out the disband form by the stated deadline. The choice is in your hands, but keep in mind that by filling out the disband form, you and your trio will essentially be forfeiting your guaranteed spots in the Season 7 FNCS Finals. A final reminder that for each team that fills out the disband form, we will add an extra Reboot Round in that region!”

STRETCH, Saf and Khanada Respond

Stretch aired out his response to Avery’s decision in a Twitter thread, where he spoke about his plans to stream everything if he cannot disband the team.

“If I still am not able to disband our team or figure out anything in the next coming weeks then I'll end up streaming all cash cups and hopefully zayt plays with us and we stream. I feel bad for khanada most of all literally we play so good together and saf/khanada love playing,” he wrote.

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He continued, stating that he’d rather sit out the FNCS Season 7 Finals instead of playing it with his trio from last season.

“i'll keep everything off twitter after this thread and i have really nothing else to say other than i just wanna compete with my trio .-. – also it's unlikely that i end up playing in grands and that might seem dumb but you dont understand.”

Saf chimed in as well, questioning, “Idk why the f*** people are on AVERYS side when he is literally forcing me and stretch to play with him like what ?”

There’s no telling how this season will play out for these three players. Between the roster changes and what Season 7 has to offer, competitive Fortnite is heating up at the right time.

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