Fortnite: Pro Player Mitr0 Reveals A Hilarious Strategy To Bait Toilet Campers

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Fortnite: Pro Player Mitr0 Reveals A Hilarious Strategy To Bait Toilet Campers

Mitr0 embarrasses his camping opponent with a mindblowing technique.

Porta-potties are silently one of the most outrageous objects in Fortnite: Battle Royale. They first appeared in Chapter 2 – Season 2, offering players a place to hide when they are low on materials or want to surprise unsuspecting adversaries. Porta-potties also serve as teleportation options from one location to another. It's a mechanic that comes in handy when a player requires a quick escape from a sticky situation.

Exploits have since been found – where players can stay in porta-potties, and their opponents cannot force them out. This broken mechanic occurs when a player enters the ending point of a one-way porta-potty. Chapter 2 – Season 4 point of interest (POI) Doom's Domain features one of these toilers. The vault contains a porta-potty that teleports players to the POI's south side. Benjyfishy notably abused the mechanic hilariously in what became a viral Twitch clip. Although situational – the porta-potty strategy is more of an annoyance than anything else.

Mitr0 Teaches How to Bait Porta-Potty Campers

Team Liquid player and Fortnite veteran mitr0 released a clip earlier today – where he engaged in a one-on-one fight at Doom's Domain. His adversary jumped into the previously mentioned porta-potty on the south side of Doom's Domain. What ensued will go down in history as yet another mitr0 classic.

After watching his opponent enter the toilet – mitr0 began running away. He then emulated the exact running motion to indicate that he lagged out of the game. The porta-potty camper subsequently jumped out to pick up what seemed to be a free elimination. Mitr0 then spun around and landed two precise Pump Shotgun blasts to take all of the winds out of his opponent's sails. We can only imagine how mitr0 reacted to this in real-time, but it was probably better than the clip itself.

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Be sure to adapt mitr0's latest bait technique the next time one of your opponents decides to shelter up inside a toilet.

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